You’ll Enjoy Having These 18 Gorgeous Blue Flowers In Your Yard

Blue-flowering plants give your landscape a tranquil, cooling pop of color. Pick from these blue-flowering perennials, annuals, shrubs, vines, and bulbs that require little maintenance.

Most of them require minimal care and maintenance, are hardy, easy to grow, and tolerant of various environmental factors.

#1. Blue Hydrangea

Source: Southern Living

Most planted hydrangeas are quite hardy and should survive the winter. Hydrangeas will require winter protection in freezing climates.

#2. Perennial Geranium

Source: HGTV

These carefree perennials grow quickly in a variety of conditions. Also, they come in a variety of beautiful colors, with many returning throughout the summer and fall.

#3. Delphinium

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Delphiniums might require a lot of attention and the ideal environment. They favor summers that are pleasant, chilly, and low in humidity. Place them in a location with sufficient soil drainage and moisture. Luckily, less picky hybrid strains are being produced the next time.

#4. Heart-leaf Brunnera

Source: Gardeners World

Brunnera, a forest plant, should be planted in the complete shade with constantly wet soil. As long as the soil is still damp, early light is fine in the north. In rich soil, they will grow the quickest and healthiest.

#5. Grape Hyacinth

Source: All About Gardening

Grape Hyacinths are simple plants to cultivate in both outdoor gardens and containers, requiring only well-drained soil and a location with sufficient light.

#6. Clematis

Source: Wilson Bros Gardens

As they are strong climbers and can tolerate a variety of soil types and environmental factors, clematis is relatively easy to cultivate.

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#7. Bluestar

Source: Prairie Moon Nursery

With medium-quality, well-drained soil, and full sun to partial shade, blue stars are reasonably simple to cultivate. The flower stems may droop if there is too much shade. There are many garden applications for Bluestar. They can be clustered in large groups in open woodlands, meadows, and fields.

#8. Leadwort

Source: Home Stratosphere

Leadwort doesn’t need a lot of attention if the right circumstances are provided for growth. If the soil becomes too dry, just water it, and don’t forget to fertilize it in the spring and summer. There are no significant insect or disease issues with leadwort.

#9. Bellflower

Source: Gardens Illustrated

A low-maintenance cottage garden is filled with bellflowers, a diversified and simple-to-grow collection of plants that come in various sizes and variations.

#10. Salvia

Source: The Spruce

Salvia is a perennial that is popular with many gardeners and is simple to grow. It has abundant summer blooms and can withstand dry spells. It is a great option for borders and containers and especially is indigenous to parts of North America.

#11. Balloon Flower

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Since balloon flowers are hardy plants, you won’t need to do anything to make them flourish. These are resilient perennials that can thrive in both full sun and little shade. They have a long lifespan, don’t require division, and are disease-resistant.

#12. Aster

Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

They are easy to cultivate, have a broad range of colors and sizes, and bloom predictably and consistently. Because of their vivid colors and resistance to disease and pests, they draw pollinators.

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#13. Morning Glory

Source: Garden Design

The common morning glory is a beautiful flower that is simple to cultivate and tolerant of a broad range of environmental factors. It is a voracious grower, opening its flowers widely in the morning before wilting in the afternoon. It is the annual groundcover and trellis plant of choice for gardeners worldwide thanks to it requiring little maintenance.

#14. Siberian Squill

Source: Enchanted Gardens

Since it is so cold tolerant, Siberian squill can continue to bloom through some snow and frost. If this spring plant doesn’t already call your lawn home, you may sow bulbs in the fall for flowering the following spring. The plant will mature within the first few weeks of spring after growing rather swiftly.

#15. Love-In-A-Mist

Source: Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

Growing love-in-a-mist is really simple. The plants thrive in full light and healthy, well-drained soil. Love-in-a-mist is best grown from seed because it is an annual plant that dislikes being transplanted.
Anytime between March and September is a good time to plant the seeds.

#16. Baptisia

Source: Perennialle Plants Nursery

The pinnacle of low-maintenance plants is Baptisa. Once planted, they don’t need more watering or fertilizer to thrive.

#17. Iris

Source: Tesselaar

Irises may be easily grown from bulbs, and they provide some of the garden’s first blooms. Later-flowering species go well with summer-blooming perennials. They are resilient and bring color year after year, whether in pots or an open garden.

#18. Globe Thistle

Source: Proven Winners

One of the easiest plants to care for is the perennial Globe Thistle. Once established, they can withstand drought conditions and seldom experience insect or disease issues. Sometimes the heads may be too heavy and need to be staked.

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