Why is Gin Getting Popular in Australia?

Australia is an amazing country, and tourists pour in here from every nook and corner of the world. The country is known for its coffee culture, friendly neighbourhood, volatile fashion, and many more. But, this time, they are top on the list of quality alcohol production. Australia is a country where you find alcohol-producing units in local regions. Sometimes, you can walk from one production unit to another and take a few bottles with you.

It is very easy to spot a gin bar in sydney; in fact, you will notice similar bars in its vicinity; sometimes, the whole street will be filled with wine shops and bars. This is the main reason why the nightlife in Sydney is incredible. Sydney’s beaches are a popular spot for people looking for a great view of the sunset with a bottle of beer or gin in their hands while lying on a sun lounger. 

Some of the beaches you can visit in Sydney are:

  • Bronte beach
  • Shelly beach
  • Palm beach
  • Balmoral beach
  • Bondi beach

Last year, nine Australian gin products were awarded “Gold” in the 2020 International Wine and Spirits Awards. This recognition made it clear that Australia is number one in the production of quality gin around the globe. This has also led to increased gin consumption in many cities as people started to appreciate the taste again.

Tourists are aware of the nightlife and drinks of Australian cities, and they prefer locally prepared alcoholic beverages. This is one more reason for the increase in tourists in Australia after the pandemic. There is no shortage of gin bar in sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and other significant cities that tourists usually visit.

Why is gin the preferred drink for many?

Being an alcoholic drink, many think that gin is just like other drinks; instead, gin has so many health benefits that you can use it for medicinal purposes. For many years, gin has also been used as a drink to improve health by consuming a certain quantity occasionally. Though it is great for health, consuming it in large quantities should be avoided.

The benefits of gin can be listed as below:

It is a powerful food.

Juniper berries are one of the significant ingredients in gin, and these berries are great for health. It is the main botanical ingredient in the drink, which also adds flavour, and you can recognise it with a sip. These berries fight many infections and allergies, as they have high levels of vitamin C and flavonoids.

Cough relief

The berries and plant botanical contains essential oils that give gin a great texture. This texture is a solution for severe colds and throat issues in winter.

Great antioxidant

The drink contains many antioxidants, which helps in maintaining healthy skin. It also triggers the regeneration of new cells within the body.

No more bloating and UTIs.

Gin is also good at preventing urinary tract infections and bloating as well. It’s a diuretic, meaning you will be taking bathroom trips quite often than usual—the toxins and bacteria inside your body will be pushed out this way.

Calories will be burnt!

This drink is the most calorie-friendly spirit you can find in the bar. If you are on a diet or planning to lose weight, gin is the right drink for you.

These health benefits have made gin more popular in the country, and more people are eager to try gin for the same reason.

Author Name: Alison Lurie

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