Why Do New Entrepreneurs Choose Gojek Clone For Their New Business?

Gojek Clone App is a one-stop solution to all of your on-demand needs. Its single login platform enables Service Providers to provide 70 plus services online. And the real reason why App like Gojek are thriving is because of its feature that enables real-time tracking of your Service Providers. This app has earned the reputation of having an army of dedicated souls such as that of Delivery Drivers who get things done before you can even spell S-C-H-E-N-E-C-T-A-D-Y! It’s a city founded by the Dutch Colonists in the 17th century in New York.

Let your customers pay in their local currency!

Aroon Xu is an entrepreneur like you based out of Chiang Mai province of Thailand. He has recently launched an App like Gojek in Thailand and he is really happy with the bottom-line figures. His app is creating a buzz in the market only because of the diverse portfolio of on-demand services it is offering that one can browse in Thai language.

Why? Because the Users of this App feel at ease while using this App.

Akkrum Ayutthaya has gotten a job of a Software Engineer in an IT company in Bangkok through on-campus placement and his exhilaration is beyond imagination as he hails from a remote village of the island Koh Tao.

He wants to visit a Buddhist Temple Wat Phra Sri Rattanasamaram in Bangkok with his family to thank the deity for the blessings.

But how to go about it? He lives on an Island and has to reach the Capital city of Bangkok?

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Akkrum Ayutthaya travels in a ferry from Mae Haad Pier of Koh Tao Island to reach Chumphon Train Station three hours later with his family – His Mae, Phaw and younger sister Boonsri. This Ferry ride itself cost them 2000 Thai Baht.

Then they take a night train to Bangkok! And then comes the cab!

The nine-hour journey was long but they slept well in their 2nd Class Sleeping Berth. Now Akkrum books a five-seater Mitsubishi Mirage using Gojek Clone App but only two passengers are allowed per ride to maintain social distance to help control the further spread of Covid-19. So, Akkrum decides that Mae and Boonsri will travel by car and they themselves will book a two-wheeler using the same app. Boonsri too uses this app and is able to get real-time tracking details of the ride and hence knows that The Temple of Emerald Buddha is hardly 4 kilometers away. The Taxi Driver had requested both of them to wear masks at all times during the ride and handle their luggage on their own.

She shares her ride details with her brother Akkrum!

This safety feature allows the Rider to send a message notifying their family and close friends about their ride details. This message comes with a URL that helps them to track the Rider in real-time. The Taxi Driver reaches the destination in 30 minutes that could have been completed in 7 minutes but nothing can be done about the heavy traffic in the narrow streets of Thailand.

They have to pay 218.35 THB to the Taxi Driver. Boonsri makes the payment using the in-app wallet but gets curious about such an overpriced ride.

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She gets the invoice in her email and therein she is able to understand the price break-up

  • Base Fare: 30 THB
  • THB/ Kilometer: 5 THB
  • THB/ Minutes Taken: 5THB
  • Total distance covered: 3.7 KM; 
  • Total Time Taken: 30 Minutes and,
  • 10% Tax on the Total Bill

Total Taxi Fare = Base Fare + THB/Kilometer + THB/ Minutes + 10 % Tax of the Total Bill

                         = 30 THB + (5 THB X 3.7 KM) + (5 THB X 30 MIN) + 10% Tax

                         = 30 THB + 18.5 THB + 150 THB + 10% Tax

                         = 198.5 THB + 10 % Tax (10 % of 198.5)

                         = 218.35 THB

The Taxi Driver owes 15 % of this bill to the App Owner as Commission.

= 15 % of 218.35 THB

= 32.7525 THB

Akkrum is not able to book a two-wheeler ride for himself because one ride is already active. What to do now?

He calls up the Dispatcher Panel of the Gojek Clone App and requests them a two-wheeler ride. Meanwhile, Phaw downloads this app and is able to book himself a two-wheeler ride from the Bangkok Railway Station.

Despite the delay in hailing the Taxi service, Akkrum and his Phaw reached before the women of the household.

The beauty of this App is this, 

French traveler Jacques Toussaint was able to pay in Euros through the in-App Wallet when he reached the divine Buddhist Temple. Not only this, he was also able to browse in his native language French.


Gojek Clone App has introduced multiple corona-safety measures to help break the transmission cycle of this Novel Coronavirus. The Taxi Drivers can’t even start a ride before uploading a selfie with the face mask on and await for the App Owner’s approval. Not only this, one can also cancel the ride immediately without incurring any penalty charges if either of the two – Rider or the Driver is found not wearing a mask.

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