Why do I keep exercising but don’t gain muscle? How to fix

Many of you have the same question as to why you can’t gain muscle even though you work out so hard. What is the cause? Let’s find out with TheHinh.com.

Why can't I gain muscle after practicing??
Why can’t I gain muscle after practicing??

Go practice Fitness To gain muscle and gain weight, practicing all the time, practicing all the time without gaining muscle, makes you feel quite discouraged, right? And the most answered question is nourishment and nourishment. So is it due to improper diet or incorrect exercise regimen?

Let’s examine why I keep exercising but don’t gain any muscle

Doing too many exercises

Exercise also needs to give muscles restExercise also needs to give muscles rest
Exercise also needs to give muscles rest

The concept of “the more you practice, the better” has penetrated deeply into the training process of many Gymers. But you forget one thing that affects the quality of the exercise: the frequency and length of that exercise.

The reason is that exercises are often promoted after a lot of practice. So if you practice long enough, those exercises will be like water seeping into your muscles, causing small muscle damage. After exercising, you rest, eat, supplement nutrients, get enough sleep Your muscles will recover quickly.

Please note that training requires rest. If you don’t let your muscles rest, the damage that has been pent up for a long time will flare up and you are at risk of “leaving the game” early.

If you want your muscles to grow big and strong, you need more recovery time, not less time. But don’t let that stop you from relaxing. Just enough rest.

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Pushing weights too much

Why do I keep exercising but don't gain muscle?  How to fix Fitness ChannelWhy do I keep exercising but don't gain muscle?  How to fix Fitness Channel

You go to the gym but don’t check 1RM If you have practiced before, it is easy to cause injury to the body such as spinal degeneration, and as a result, it is difficult to make progress in training. Practice moderately and improve slowly.

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Changing your exercise route multiple times or inappropriately

Of course, when we go to the gym, we need to change the exercise routine for muscle groups. But if you change too much or don’t follow the right path, it will be counterproductive. For example, instead of just changing the weight of the weight, rest time or repetition time, you can also change the exercise style to a new exercise or new exercise. Then the exercise you are doing will no longer be effective (unless you do the exercise completely wrong).

There should be a scientific training processThere should be a scientific training process
There should be a scientific training process

Some typical exercises to increase muscle mass such as squats or push-ups are exercises that cannot be changed. These are “divine” exercises to maintain strength and exercise skills that help connect muscles and a strong spirit. If you don’t exercise regularly, your muscles may gradually decrease.

The exercises that many people have not paid attention to are spread evenly throughout the body such as heavy training weeks, light training weeks. So some muscles are too big, some “you can’t see my figure”.

Follow the exercise routine that you find effective. This will help develop muscles better.

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“Confused” because of too much advice

Why do I keep exercising but don't gain muscle?  How to fix Fitness ChannelWhy do I keep exercising but don't gain muscle?  How to fix Fitness Channel

Often those who follow behind often learn from those who have gone before, and because you are a “newbie”, you often blindly follow without learning first. You should find out in advance the person you need to ask, whether they have sincere advice or not. And most importantly, you know your body best. So please research the information carefully, and find the right person to ask

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Implement a higher level roadmap

Overexercising the body causes unpredictable harmOverexercising the body causes unpredictable harm
Overexercising the body causes unpredictable harm

Experts have many great techniques for you to learn and practice. However, you need to be careful because they practice with very high intensity and a perfect diet with the support of high-quality supplements for a long time. They have coaches and nutritionists constantly monitoring them to support them. Thanks to that, they can perform “greater” exercises than us ordinary people.

So if you want to “study the religion” at a high level, you should first see what their nutrition and exercise regimen is like. If not, then ask me why I don’t practice like everyone else? It’s too bad, if you think it’s too advanced, just learn their good tips and advice.

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Set goals that are too high compared to your ability

Why do I keep exercising but don't gain muscle?  How to fix Fitness ChannelWhy do I keep exercising but don't gain muscle?  How to fix Fitness Channel

Many people with “illusion of strength” set their goals too high and then become exhausted trying to chase them. Like the end of 2015 will become a superstar; while only practicing for 4 months.
Many times you probably wonder when you will be like him. You will achieve it, but it takes time and the will to stick to your goal.

Set specific and realistic goals with your abilities and level up each level. Seeing your body’s development process will help you be more motivated than spending time working out.

Continue your journey, when you achieve it, set it higher to challenge yourself.

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Lack of nutrition, especially protein

In bodybuilding, nutrition accounts for 70% of success. Therefore, the biggest reason why you keep exercising without gaining muscle is due to lack of nutrition, specifically lack of protein.

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Where is protein found? It is found in meat, eggs, fish, milk and many other foods. You can re-read the article 30 Protein-rich foods to see more if you want.

If you don’t know how many grams of protein you need a day, please read the article on how much protein you need to use each day to gain muscle.

Finally, what if you don’t have enough time to eat and supplement protein? Please seek the help of dietary supplements. You can use Whey Protein Prostar, Nitro Tech, Whey Better….to help your protein supplement not be lacking.

Above are 7 problems that prevent you from gaining muscle when exercising. If you see anything that needs to be added, please comment below for everyone to refer to.

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