Why Biggest Brands of the Country Are in Race to Be Part of Blue World City

Blue world city:

The most popular and elite society is now emerging in Islamabad, the Blue World City. The cost-effective housing project will change the country’s perspective comprehensively. The people who want to invest in real estate with a low budget can invest efficiently. The Blue World City housing society offers once in lifetime opportunities for all buyers or investors. This society will provide an excellent platform for the brands to invest in Islamabad’s magnificent society.

It is not only a cost-effective alternative but will provide modern and fantastic amenities with a complete comfort zone to its residents. BWC is the most prestigious society ever in Islamabad.

Blue World City Islamabad – Second Cup Coffee hub:

The majestic project BWC takes the development progress to the next level by providing the brands with the largest portal to invest in. This project will become Islamabad’s most exciting place for the business inaugurate perspective. The enormous brands curious to invest in this project make this place the world’s first purpose-built tourist city. Its attraction points like the world’s tallest horse mascot, Rumi Square, Floating restaurants, and Blue Mosque Replica attract international brands to invest in this society. This residential society provides a massive commercial hub, and many international brands have invested in this project. They aim to attract investors and foreign visitors, and for this purpose, the management has planned accordingly. The new multinational inaugurated its coffee brand, the Second Cup Coffee, and set its roots under the world’s tallest horse mascots in Blue World City.

This has been done only with the futuristic vision of Mr.Saad Nazir and the BGC. The Inauguration of the famous coffee brand franchise, many people, started pouring in for a hot cup of coffee. Investors are welcome to invest, and nothing is more desirable than to invest in the wonders of the modern world.

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Second Cup Coffee Inauguration in BWC:

For theFirst time in BWC, the multinational brand’s franchise was inaugurated on the ground floor of BWC. MR. Jim Rages (Global President & CEO of the second cup coffee company) and the chairman of the Blue World City, Mr. Saad Nazir, initiated the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was a pleasant experience for all the holders of BWC. The most renowned guests were invited to the event. That was a wonderful experience that provided a level of excitement to the people of Pakistan.

Why only 2nd Cup Coffee:

The 2nd cup coffee Company is the grand well-known coffee retailer in Canada. The most prominent brand has grown to over 360 cafes in Canada and 15 cafes working overseas. It started in 1975; they created a relaxed, cozy environment, making it a second home to visitors from around the world. The Islamabad second cup coffee franchise welcomes you to Blue World City Islamabad. This brand is becoming an eye-catching point for the citizens; it is the most successful international coffee brand in Pakistan.

The main purpose to inaugurate the international brand in BWC, just for the investors or visitors to get the classic meetup place, for the business meetings. Get the advantage at this time and invest today for business purpose. Blue World City itself reaching on the high standard, and provide the platform to initiate your business and get the profitable investment opportunity. 

The following reasons attract people to visit second cup coffee in BWC.

Tourist destination:

Blue World City or BWC Islamabad is itself the first ever purpose-built tourist destination. When you visit the top coffee brands in Pakistan, the second cup of coffee also lies on the top line. In Blue World City, You will also gaze upon the replicas of the modern world wonders.

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Prime location:

 The ideal location for this fantastic coffee brand is situated on the ground floor of the world’s largest Horse Mascot. People are eager to see this horse statue. Besides this, the people enjoy a cup of hot coffee at this magnificent place.

Variety of tastes: 

The place makes the perfect blend of taste and quality; you get a wide variety of drinks and food columns. You will get tons of options to choose which one is perfect; it includes premium coffee, pastries, non-coffee beverages, and much more. Moreover, providing excellent customer service.

Great place for meet up:

If you plan to meet up with your friends and office colleagues, there is no place better than Canadian coffee brand. The best place to hold business meetings in an ideal location in Islamabad.

Global brand in BWC:

Themain reason is to inaugurate the global brand opening in the heart of blue world city. This coffee brand quality is as rich as its taste. Their flavor is custom designed for the people of Pakistan and is filled with all the cultural flavors.

BWC multiples brands portal spot:

The BWC strives to make the Pakistani real estate industry contemporary and exceptional by providing world-class entertainment facilities to our residents. The modest contribution of Canadian coffee brands proves the international branding that makes the BWC more valuable and desirable from the business perspective. The other brands are also eager to set their business in this enriched place. Top clothing brands gained more fame until they established their business in this grand project of a blue world city.

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Blue world city offers the luxury living standard at affordable and flexible installment plans. The BWC developers ranked among Pakistan’s top five real estate developers. The perfect, well-designed, and well-executed plan was developed to provide citizens with international infrastructure facilities and world-class amenities.

Expansion of Digital presence and societies:

Digital marketing services play their role in promoting brands and boosting their business at the international level. As the BWC offers a massive commercial hub, through digital platforms, they can promote the lavish offers at affordable rates. The multiple attraction points in BWC, such as the Inauguration of the international brands under the world’s tallest horse mascot, prove that any famous clothing brand can set up its business and be a part of the most mesmerizing society.

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