Who’s Watching Your Home Security System?

home security system

It’s a question that nobody wants to ask themselves: “Who is watching my home security system while I’m away?” Your home security system can be your best defense against burglaries and other unwanted visitors, but only if it is monitored. It’s easy for home-security companies to let you down when you’re not looking, so before you sign up with one, research their customer service ratings and reviews on social media. You don’t want to find out the hard way that they are neglecting your home!

If you have professional monitoring as a part of your home security plan, make sure that you are home to answer the phone when they call. If your home security system is with a traditional provider such as ADT, Vivint, Xfinity, or another large company, it is likely that you are paying for this service.

What this means is that 24 hours a day, there is someone who is monitoring your home security system, and when a burglar breaks in or there is some other unforeseen event, it pings them. When this happens, they call your home number to make sure that you’re not the one who set off the alarm. If nobody answers their phone after several rings (they will usually try three), then they assume that something has happened at your home and contact the police for you.

If you originally purchased home security equipment from the same company, they will probably come to your home immediately when this happens (if not sooner). However, if another provider is monitoring your home security system and you are having issues with them, make sure that you take advantage of their customer support resources or speak with a manager. This way, you can get the home security service you deserve for your home.

Be aware that even when home security systems are monitored, they may still not be effective in an emergency situation if the police take too long to respond. Be sure to research this information ahead of time so you know what to expect from your provider. It is also useful to have another home security system or home alarm monitoring service on hand in case the first one fails.

If you have a DIY home security system such as Ring, Nest, or another home security system that you install yourself, then no one is monitoring your home unless you specifically opted to pay for the service through a third-party partner. This may seem like an obvious statement, but some may not feel responsible for home security if they are not paying for home monitoring service.

These systems come with their own benefits and drawbacks, but in this case, since no one is monitoring them unless you pay an extra fee to a third-party company (such as Brinks), there will be nobody who calls your home when the alarm goes off. This means that it falls upon you to make sure that your home is secure, and if something should go wrong while you are away then the damage will already have occurred before you even know it.

If this home security system does not sound right for your home or family, there are other options available through third-party companies who allow direct access to things like ADT home security monitoring. These services are much less expensive than home security systems, but they have their own distinct limitations as well, so it is important to do your research before committing to them for safety purposes.

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