Whimsy and Wellness Reviews: The Glitter and Sparkle Collection

In this Whimsy and Wellness review, you will see how Whimsy and Wellness brings to you a collection of modern essential oil accessories inspired by the phases of the moon, the sparkle in the stars with the depth of crystals. The crystals and essential oil accessories here are made with love and passion. They are created just for you with deep care, safety, and the best quality.

About Whimsy and Wellness

Whimsy and Wellness specializes in providing modern accessories you use to keep essential oil. If you cannot find a pretty roller bottles to put your oils in, Whimsy and Wellness is the perfect choice for you. Come here and you will surely find the accessory you like to put your essential oil in. They are not just some simple bottles but they will remind you of the glitter in the stars and crystals.

The story of Whimsy and Wellness

The founder of Whimsy and Wellness is Haylee. Haylee decided to found Whimsy and Wellness because she had a miscarriage and want to make herself forget about thinking when she would be pregnant again. Haylee uses essential oils to make herself feel better but she cannot find any pretty roller bottles to keep the oil so she decided to make her own. She sold the first Whimsy + Wellness products in a small Etsy shop in 2016. Started with a little Cameo machine and now Whimsy + Wellness becomes the place that brings gifts and accessories to make people feel happy, colorful, glittery, and anything but tedious.

Whimsy and Wellness goals

Whimsy and Wellness’s goal is to make sure their products will be of the best quality. They pick the crystals from artisans at the world’s biggest gemstone and mineral show in Arizona by hand. Haylee – the founder is also the person who designed all products here. Plus, every product is tested with the highest standard of quality.

Until now, they still check each gemstone roller top by hand to ensure that it rolls properly before it is delivered to the new owner. Their mission is to make sure all their customers be satisfied with their products. That’s why Whimsy and Wellness is always highly recommended by Whimsy + Wellness reviews on the internet.

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Whimsy and Wellness Coupons

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Couponning Tips

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Features you would love at Whimsy and Wellness

High-quality products

Many other Whimsy and Wellness reviews praise the great quality of the oil accessories and bottles here. They are not only unique but also have good quality. You can feel safe when you put your precious essential oil here. They will keep your oil well and properly.

Amazing customer service

Whimsy and Wellness always put customers first. If you are not satisfied with the products you received, feel free to contact them to get help as soon as possible. They are always available to help you anytime. Since this is a small company, they really care about the products they deliver to you.

Featured products

Rank Roller with Gemstone Roller Top

The Rank Roller is ideal even when you want it to treat yourself or want to give it as a gift to your beloved ones. You can also use it to create a blend in the level that you are trying to reach. The design of these bottles can be customized, which makes them scratch and oil resistant. Each roller has a beautiful gold foil box with a motivating recipe on it. Every gemstone was handpicked to help if you have different business goals and every box have a label explaining the gemstone’s use.

The Crystal Collection

This Crystal Collection will help you whip up your favorite power couple (essential oils and crystals) with the crystal roller bottles. This collection includes 23 beautiful healing stones to pick from – or take them all if you want.

Gemstone Roller Top + 10ml Clear roller with matte gold cap

This product will help you apply your essential oil blends with genuine gemstones. You can pick the gemstone you like and most of them fit the standard 10ml bottles so you can swap them as you want. When you purchase this Gemstone Roller Top, you will be given the gemstone roller and a clear 10ml bottle with a matte gold cap.

What makes this Gemstone Roller Top special is that the gemstones are hand-made and will be a little different in size, color, and overall appearance. These bottles are totally clear and empty so you can use them to put your essential oils right away. As you can see in the photos, the bottle is filled with coconut oil so you can have a look at how the gemstones look like when you use them.

Whimsy and Wellness reviews

There are many Whimsy and Wellness reviews praising the quality of their products so you can be confident when purchasing accessories and bottles here. They vary in size, color, design so they can be suitable for anyone. Here are some Whimsy and Wellness reviews of customers on their site:

“JUST WOW! Super cute product, fast shipping to Canada! I will be a repeat customer FOR SURE!” – Catherine R.

“BOTTLE AND CRYSTAL SET BOSSY. Wow. It was so lovely packed and every single piece is so unique and cute. It’s so amazing thank you for that.” – Jessica W.

“OIL JOURNAL. Can’t wait to write down all my recipes for Diffusor and Roll on. Love it.” – Jessica W.

“SURPRISE SETS ARE THE BEST! Honestly the surprise sets are where it’s at. I’ve never been disappointed and love what I get every time! I think it’ll be something I do periodically to build my roller ball collection and get different designs. I think this is one of the best products on the site, who doesn’t love a surprise?!” – Grace E.

“BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS AND FAST SHIPPING. The surprise roller sets are beautiful! I ordered one surprise set and loved them so much I ordered 3 more.” – Kathy R.

“AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Loved the products, packaging and customer service! By far one of my favorite shopping experiences this year! I will be shopping this small business again! Highly recommend.” – Audrey Fierro B.

Whimsy and Wellness FAQs

Why pair crystals and oils? What makes them so great?

You’re probably already familiar with the amazing things oils can do! Many people believe in the healing energies of crystals. Humans are made up of energies that are constantly changing based on our moods, behaviors, and even our surroundings. Crystals also give off energy, but because of their crystalline structure, their energy is constant.

It doesn’t change like ours. Because of this, they can help us rebalance our own energies. If you are unsure of crystals- I like to say that if just looking at the crystals makes you smile because they are beautiful, then they are working!

How do I know which crystals are right for me?

Many believe you’ll be drawn to the crystal your body needs simply by looking at or holding the crystal. The crystal you feel most attracted to is the crystal you need. A quick Google search on that stone will bring up the energy it holds, along with its specific benefits, or, use our guide below!

You can also work backwards by researching crystals first and then choosing one that best matches your “symptoms”. If I was struggling with worry or fear, for example, I might look for an amazonite crystal. If I wanted to increase focus and concentration, I might set a ruby in my office where I work most often.

Where do you source the crystals?

I hand choose 95% of the crystals we use in person at gem and mineral shows around the United States. I believe it is so important to see them in person, to talk with the people that visit the mines directly, to hear the stories behind the crystals. This allows me to choose only high quality crystals and to support the miners directly.

How do I use my crystals?

Visit our tutorials page for instructions.

Where are your rollers made?

Our rollers are made with an amazing manufacturer in China. We have worked with this same manufacturer for over 3 years which allows us to have a great relationship and ensure the high quality we expect. We get all of our products shipped to our home (our garage is definitely not for our cars anymore) and then we hand check every single bottle, cap, gem top and more for any defects before we pack them into sets for you!

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Whimsy and Wellness products are really worth trying if you are using essential oils. The accessories and bottles here will help you keep your precious oils safe and properly. Don’t hesitate to purchase these products to have a real experience.

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