Which Products Should I Invest And Save In? (Part 1)

A smart cosmetic buying strategy will help you spend reasonably and still have a beautiful, radiant appearance.

Once you know how to take care of your appearance, periodically, girls will have to spend a fair amount of money to invest in skin care products, cosmetics, etc. The amount of money spent will be It’s not small and if we don’t have a specific “strategy”, we will have a serious budget deficit. The saying “you get what you pay for” may be true, but in the beauty industry, we don’t necessarily have to tie ourselves to this principle. There are beauty products that are really worth investing in, but there are products that you don’t need to spend too much on and still get surprising quality and effectiveness. So what should you buy generously and what should you save money on?


Mascara is something that you should change every 2 – 3 months because after all that time since opening, the mascara starts to show signs of dryness, clumping and also contains a lot of bacteria that can harm your eyes if you do not use it. “regret” for further use. For this reason, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a mascara at all. In addition, popular mascara brands are constantly launching groundbreaking products with increasingly commendable quality, so you can experience many new mascara inventions without having a heavy budget deficit. masonry. In fact, even makeup artists love budget mascara and often alternate between budget and high-end mascara on their celebrity clients.

Innisfree’s Skinny Mascara line is always popular because it is affordable and extremely natural for daily use.



You can easily find countless facial cleanser products with extremely good feedback on beauty forums. Not only that, according to many beauty experts, the simpler and gentler the facial cleanser product will be, the better results it will bring. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid using facial cleansers that contain unnatural colors and overly complicated ingredient lists because they can contain many chemical ingredients that cause dry skin, peeling or allergies. response.

Green tea facial cleanser is suitable for skin with small acne, hidden acne and oily skin


Sunscreen products often contain relatively stable ingredients, causing few side effects when compared to high-end products. Sunscreen products belong to the group of daily use products, so popular brands are also quite good choices.

The Innisfree sunscreen line is popular because it is a more sustainable physical sunscreen

Everyone needs to wear sunscreen regardless of whether the weather is sunny, rainy, hot or cold because it helps the skin resist the harmful effects of sunlight – the cause of aging and skin cancer. This is a type of cosmetic that you have to use every day in a large amount for your face, neck, and arms (places that will be exposed to direct sunlight), so it usually runs out quickly, but as soon as it runs out you have to buy it, so you need to pay attention. to the price of sunscreen if you don’t have a very deep budget. Don’t forget to wash your face at night to remove the sunscreen during the day.

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Lip balm

Instead of buying an expensive lip balm, you can instead choose an affordable lipstick that comes with a lip sleeping mask. Because usually you also use lip balm as a primer first. When applying makeup, you only need a moderately moisturizing lipstick, not too shiny. As for dry lips, there is a lip sleeping mask that will take care of your lips at night.

Pure moisturizing products

Skin moisturizing products are also another category that ladies can reliably use with popular brands. These products mainly supplement regular essences and serums, helping to hydrate and keep the skin soft and smooth. Products from Korea are quite strong in this aspect with extremely reasonable prices for everyone. moderate and gentle moisturizing needs.

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