What you must know about the feminine and the masculine orgasm

The orgasm is a subjective perception of the maximum intensity of sexual stimulation. It is expressed by an intense pleasure sensation. We all love it but unfortunately many of us don’t actually make our intimate life a priority. 

Guys absolutely love orgasms

It is a known fact that men absolutely love sex and they want to have at least one orgasm a day. They love sex and everything that comes with it. They want to feel this pleasure as often as possible. Moreover, men like new and exciting experiences and they want to have sex with lots of women. That’s why they visit quite often, sex workers. An escort Bologna can satisfy a man in lots of ways. 

Because she is so experienced, she can make any man’s fantasies come true. This is the main reason why so many guys date escorts. They simply can do everyting they want in bed, without being judged, and with a woman who doesn’t have inhibitions at all. So, if women want to have a great relationship, they must not forget that men need variety in terms of sex. Yet, they can have this variety with their partner if she is open-minded enough to try all sorts of things in bed. 

The orgasm feels amazing

Orgasm is a lively sensuality of the entire body. Is the expression of an incomparable pleasure in which time seems to have stopped from his leak. It has no connection with the reproduction function of the genitals. That’s because the perpetuation of the species is possible without an orgasm. The orgasm makes partners who love each other experience a new type of special communication, bodily merging, and soul.

In the ecstasy of that tray, the two lose their own identity. In fact, they become, more than ever, a whole, a whole being. They create a beautiful and strong connection and energy. When there is also love between partners, things are even more amazing and special. During an orgasm, the human body releases good chemicals called happiness chemicals. Therefore, you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and happier. 

The orgasmic experience differs from one person to another. At the same time, in the same person, the intensity of the orgasm may be different depending on the circumstances and context. This also depends on the age. The orgasm occurs both in men and women and is the expression of intense physical pleasure. It takes the form of a psychosomatic discharge of “tension” resulting from sexual excitement.

Postorgasmic, the partners are covered by total relaxation in a somatic and mental plan. The duration of the orgasm may vary between 3-10 seconds in real-time. The female orgasm can be spontaneously triggered at the moment of the male orgasm, but often the two phenomena do not coincide. An unexpected noise, a state of tension, anxiety, the rhythm change by the partner, or his position can affect the orgasm’s intensity.

How can a woman reach an intense orgasm?

Women have orgasms either by clitoral stimulation or by penetration. In the first situation, an intense, acute, “electrical” orgasm is achieved. In the second situation an “internal” orgasm, is much deeper, warm, subtle, diffuse, and gentle. Most women can achieve both clitoral or vaginal orgasm. Women, compared to men, need a lot more attention in bed before the actual penetration occurs. So, men should not rush with penetration until the woman is not ready. She needs to be super excited to not feel any pain but only pleasure. Men should never ignore this aspect which is super important. 

There are also women where sexual intercourse generates a rapid growth of excitability state. Plus, there are women who have multiple orgasms – up to 6-7 successive orgasms. These situations are quite rare, but they do exist. There are men who can sometimes have more orgasms without ejaculating. Yet, these cases are rare. As mentioned earlier, men are different than men. 

Whereas women need more time to be ready for sexual intercourse, men don’t need this. They can have an orgasm quite rapidly. They are lucky to be like this, and they often forget that women need a lot more attention. The orgasm is the most intense pleasure for both the man and the woman. The orgasm relaxes the body, removes depression, and strengthens your immune system. His benefits do not stop here. 

When the woman has an orgasm or even before having it, her brain secretes neurohormones in a very high amount. This includes dopamine, opioid, and oxytocin. These substances secreted in such a large amount during the orgasm do not only offer intense pleasure but virtually trigger a modified state of conscience. Overall, the orgasms have the power to improve your overall health, whereas it is physical, mental, or emotional.

Sex is great and it can make you happier

There is no doubt that sex can make you a happier person. Yet, we are talking about a fulfilling sex life. Having sex is not enough as long as it is not good. If you really want to make your relationship better, then you need to pay a close attention to sex. You need to make sex one of your top priorities. Also, make sure that you are meeting your partner’s needs as well. Don’t consider only your needs but your partners’ too. This i show your relation will highly improve. 

It is very important that both of you communicate honestly about what you want, what you like, and what you don’t like. If it’s necessary, then make sure you also set some boundaries. A good sexual life doesn’t mean that you need to try things you are not comfortable with. Instead, you should talk to your partner and decide on trying something different, but if you don’t like it then  you can stop it. Sex is amazing and it can make you feel better, it can reduce stress and anxiety, and it can offer you some intense and wonderful feelings. 

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