What to Expect From the Braces Removal Process

Did you know that the success rate of braces is 100% in children and about 70% in adults? This makes it one of the most effective orthodontic procedures in the last decades.

Braces can straighten crooked teeth, improving chewing and overall oral functionality. Patients often need to wear braces for a few months or years before they can enjoy the benefits.

When the time is right, your orthodontist will ask you to make an appointment for braces removal. If you are wondering what to expect from the braces removal process now that the day is finally here, keep reading.

Preparing for Braces Removal

There is no best way to prepare for the braces removal process. Start by setting up an appointment, with the understanding that your teeth may need a little longer.

Ensure that your teeth are clean when going to your appointment. This will make the removal of braces easier for you and your orthodontist.

If you are sensitive to dental work being done, consider taking a painkiller before the appointment.

The Process of Removing Braces

The orthodontist will loosen the brackets from your teeth using a special metal device. They will also remove the molar bond if you have one. A molar bond is a metal band that anchors the braces to your molars.

Braces tend to trap food particles and plaque in your teeth. So, once the braces are removed, your orthodontist will thoroughly clean your teeth.

A hard grinder will be used to remove any adhesive residue. Expect to feel mild vibration during this cleaning process, which takes up to fifteen minutes.

The orthodontist will then take some x-rays, digital photographs, or a bite impression to determine if the braces did their job. The impression will also be used to make you a custom retainer, which helps prevent teeth shifting. Retainers also help maintain the work of the braces.

If you have wisdom teeth, the orthodontist will inspect them and recommend removal to prevent other teeth from shifting.

How Long Does the Brace Removal Process Take?

It takes about 30-45 minutes to remove braces. Keep in mind that while it may not take long to remove the braces, the cleaning process might. It may also take a bit of extra time if the orthodontist decides to fit you for a retainer.

Will Removing Braces Hurt?

The process of braces removal doesn’t hurt. But like any dental work, it may feel uncomfortable. Expect to feel some light pressure as the orthodontist squeezes each individual bracket and removes it from your teeth. You’ll also experience the same sensation as the leftover bonding glue is polished off your enamel.

Dental Care After Braces Removal

Cleaning your teeth after getting your braces off will be a lot easier. Brush your teeth and floss every day. Mouthwash may reduce any discoloration, as will professional tooth whitening.

If your teeth are sore following the braces removal process, avoid hard and sticky foods like popcorn, raw vegetables, and hard bread. The soreness will resolve within 2 months, after which you can resume a normal diet.

Be sure to wear your retainer as directed by the orthodontist. This will prevent your teeth from shifting and needing braces again. In the meantime, follow the tips for cleaning your retainer provided by your orthodontist for optimal oral hygiene.

Show Off Your Hard-Earned Smile to the World

You are all set now. The braces removal is done, you have a retainer and a brand new smile. Just one last thing – just because the hard work is over doesn’t mean you can neglect dental health. Keep up with your dental cleanings and wear your retainer as directed.

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