What to Do About an Old Tattoo That Bothers You


As the popularity of tattoos has grown in the last couple of decades, so do the cases of people regretting their choices, unfortunately. Tattoo regret is more common than you might think – and it’s something that many people have gone through. There are various approaches available in this situation, and you must always remember that you’re not stuck. If you feel like a certain tattoo doesn’t fit your body, you don’t have to stay with it – you just need to know what your options are.

Laser Removal

The most popular way of getting rid of a tattoo is to go to a laser removal specialist. The complexity of this procedure can vary, depending on the tattoo itself, but at least it’s not hard to find a person who can take care of your problem. Laser tattoo removal Brisbane specialists are not hard to come by, and every reputed clinic will know exactly how to approach your treatment and provide you with the necessary reassurance. It might take a while if your tattoo is a larger one, but don’t worry – you’re usually going to be able to remove it with practically no traces.

Cover It Up

Another option is to cover the tattoo with another one. Smaller designs can be easily incorporated into larger ones, and if you go to an artist that has specific experience in cover-ups, they will make it look like the original was never even there. In some more complicated cases, it might be necessary to draw over the original design in order to truly make it invisible. This can carry some complications depending on the amount of ink originally used, as there are some reasonable limits to how much should be applied to a given area of your skin. A good cover-up specialist will know this in detail and will be able to recommend the best approach.

Give Yourself a Few Days First!

Remember that, just like getting a tattoo in the first place, choosing to get rid of one is not a decision you should make lightly. Give yourself some time to think about why you actually want to do this. Is it just a temporary feeling triggered by something that’s happened recently? Many people find themselves questioning their tattoos after going through specific situations. You shouldn’t rush this decision, because otherwise, you might find yourself in an even worse situation – going through all the trouble to remove the tattoo, only to later realize that you didn’t really want to get rid of it in the first place.

It can be worth talking to some people as well. You should always get a second opinion if you’re in doubt yourself. It’s especially useful to talk to someone who’s already gone through this themselves. There are lots of people in the same situation out there, and you’d be surprised what they can reveal to you sometimes. Don’t be afraid to chat someone up about this even if you don’t know them – it can actually be a good ice breaker!

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