What should you expect from your first pair of glasses?

pair of glasses
pair of glasses

After putting up with eye pain and vision discomforts, you’ve finally decided to get your eyes checked and wear your first pair of glasses. Good, we are proud of you. 

You are thinking about your eyes and that’s good to hear. But, this is not an easy decision to make. The road ahead can be a little bumpy. Glasses are going to be a big part of your life. There are times when you won’t want to wear them, but the difference in your vision will make the struggle totally worth it. 

If you are waiting for your first pair of glasses to arrive in a couple of days, here is what you should be ready for. 

The adjustment period

You won’t start to see things clearly the moment you put on the glasses for the very first time. Like everything, your eyes will also need time to adjust to the change. 

So, don’t feel disheartened when your new reading glasses aren’t helping your vision at all while reading.

So, here’s what would probably happen. You will wear the glasses, you won’t be able to see a thing and you will feel like you have got the wrong prescription. But, in reality, it’ll be your eyes learning to see through the new lenses with upgraded vision power.

The length of the adjustment period depends on the type of lenses you have. Single vision glasses are easier to adjust to than glasses with varifocal lenses

Tip to use: Make sure you wear your new glasses as long and as much as you can. The more you wear them, the quicker your eyes will learn to see through them.

The turnaround time

Most people who wear glasses know that glasses may take anything from 4-5 days to more than a week. It depends on your prescription, any add-ons you have chosen or the type of lenses you want. 

Lenses with complex prescriptions take longer to be made than simple ones. For instance, varifocal glasses will take more time to be manufactured than normal lenses. 

But, if your vision is fine and you are only buying blue light glasses, you may get same-day glasses delivery.

Cleaning glasses

Cleaning glasses is a struggle on its own. Most of us clean them with our shirttails or any piece of cloth we could find. However, doing this might leave smudges and damage the surface of the lenses. 

The best way to clean your glasses is to use a microfiber cloth and a lens cleaning solution. However, it’s highly likely that you won’t have these things with you when you are out and about. In this case, you can keep a bunch of moistened lens cleaning wipes handy and clean your glasses whenever dirt or dust gets on the lenses. 

If you can’t find lens cleaning wipes, you can buy a microfiber lens cleaning cloth. You may even get it as a complimentary item with your new prescription or reading glasses.

Scratches could damage the lenses 

Lenses are nothing but plastic or glasses and thus are prone to scratches. It won’t only damage the surface of your lenses but take off any coating you have on them and make your glasses look old and damaged. 

When buying glasses, make sure you get a scratch-resistant coating on the lenses. Many reputed eyewear retailers provide this coating for free on all glasses. It will take up the cost by a small amount but the benefits would be totally worth your money.

A scratch-free solution is even more important if your glasses have an additional coating. For instance, if your specs have blue lenses, any damage to the surface would damage the coating as well. 

Losing your glasses

There are a lot of mistakes we make with our new glasses. Putting them anywhere we want and then searching for them later is the most common one. 

Have a designated spot where you put your glasses when you are using them. For instance, when you take off your glasses at night, put them in the drawer of the bedside table. If you are in the office, put your glasses in the case and put it on the desk. 

You can also wear a glasses chain. Your specs would be attached to a chain that you could wear around your neck. This way, you won’t lose your glasses and you’ll always have a place to put them in when they are not in use. 

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