What Shoes To Wear With Flared Jeans in 2024

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What Shoes To Wear With Flared Jeans in 2024

When styling flared jeans in 2024, it is important to choose the right shoes to complement this trendy silhouette. Chunky platform sneakers, heeled ankle boots, and strappy sandals are all great options to pair with flared jeans for a stylish and modern look. You can also opt for pointed-toe flats or mules for a more polished and sophisticated style. Ultimately, the key is to balance out the proportions and create a cohesive and chic outfit that highlights the flared jeans.

Wondering what shoes to wear with flared jeans in 2024? I’ve got you covered! Learn about 7 perfect shoe choices for chic outfits with flared (and bootcut) denim! 

graphic with a pair of blue flared jeans surrounded by six different styles of shoes

*this article may contain affiliate links*

The Best Shoes To Wear With Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are one of those recognizable denim styles we all know and love. Yes, flare jeans had their big fashion moment in the ‘70s, but they’re back as one of 2024’s biggest denim trends, according to style authority WhoWhatWear

I personally love flared jeans. Not only do they add a chic Parisian touch to any outfit, but they’re also incredibly flattering and can be worn in so many ways. In my opinion, the key to effortlessly styling flared jeans all comes down to finding the right shoe. Luckily, there’s more than one option to choose from. 

Need help figuring out the best shoes to wear with flare jeans? Don’t worry! Ahead, I’m sharing the 7 shoe styles that elevate a flare, along with my top tips for styling. From laid-back looks with sneakers to chic outfits featuring strappy sandals and heels, read on to discover what shoes to wear with flare jeans.

1. Sneakers

image of a woman wearing a denim shirt with a pair of cropped blue flared jeans and taupe sneakers

Are sneakers too casual for flared jeans? The answer is no! Sneakers are a go-to shoe style to wear with flared jeans because of their casual-cool vibe. 

Stylish, sleek sneakers like Vejas, Converse, or Adidas Sambas are all fashion-forward options that add an unexpected flair when styled with cropped flares. Even chunky dad sneakers and trendy New Balances look good with flared jeans—it’s hard to go wrong here. Just be sure that the hem of your jeans hit around the ankle or the top of your foot, so they’re not dragging on the floor.

This versatile shoe style can be worn all year long, rain or shine. In keeping with the laid-back vibe, I’d style them with a tee shirt and oversized denim jacket in the spring and summer. For fall and winter, I’ll pair my flares and sneakers with an oversized knit and puffer jacket.

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 2. Pumps

woman wearing a trench coat over a striped top and flared jeans with nude slingback pumps

Whether you’re wearing full-length flares or rocking cropped flares that hit the *perfect* spot on your ankle, heels are a great shoe choice. Pumps instantly dress up your flared jeans and are super flattering! (It’s a win-win.)

Pumps and flared jeans are an outfit combo that looks good on anyone. But if you’re petite, you’ll really love wearing pointed-toe pumps with flared jeans—especially if your jeans have a longer hem. The pointed toe draws the eye downward, creating a continuous line that balances the airiness of the jeans and makes you look taller! 

Any pointed-toe pumps will do—I personally love a sling-back option. Just steer clear of rounded-toe pumps, as they get swallowed up by the denim, making your legs appear wider. 

Above, @mariellehaon perfectly captures the French girl’s way of wearing flares. The springtime look includes a trench coat, striped top, basket bag, and Chanel-inspired pumps.

3. Flats

woman wearing a white t-shirt with loose-fit flared jeans and cap-toe ballet flats

Still trying to decide what shoes to wear with flared jeans? Try the next option. 

Like flared jeans, flat shoes are another huge trend for 2024. Paired together, you have an ensemble that feels trendy yet timeless. My favorite flats to wear with flare jeans are ballet flats, loafers, and Mary Janes. These sophisticated shoes have a chic, smart aesthetic that elevates a casual flare. Sub your heels for comfy flats and feel just as polished and put-together.  

Ballet flats and Mary Janes look especially stylish with wide-leg flares like Claudia wears above. They lend an elegant, feminine touch that I can’t get enough of! The key to keeping this look refined is being able to see the tops of the flats, even with a billowing wide leg. Pair with a fitted top and cute cardigan for an easy, model-off-duty look.

Loafers, on the other hand, look best when you can see a flash of ankle. So wear them with a cropped kick flare.

4. Sandals

woman wearing a black tank top with full-length flared blue jeans and black flat sandals

If you’re wearing flares throughout summer and need the perfect slip-on shoe, look no further than sandals.

Everyday sandals and flip-flops are warm-weather essentials. They also give your flared jeans a laid-back vibe. Most flat sandals have an understated, simple design that allows flare jeans to shine. They’re also perfect for vacations and comfy enough for days spent outside doing a lot of walking. 

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Flat sandals pair best with cropped flares or loose, wide-leg flares for a casual ‘90s vibe. But always remember to pay attention to the length of your jeans! Choose flares that come 1” to a ½” off the ground to avoid dragging.

These Hermès sandals worn by Julie are stunning but pricey, so check out our list of Hermes Sandal Dupes for less. Style with a simple t-shirt or tank top, basket bag, and sunnies and you’re ready for the perfect summer day.

5. Heeled Sandals

woman wearing a white blouse with full-length blue flared jeans and heeled beige sandals

On warm spring and summer evenings, heeled sandals are the best shoes to wear with flare jeans. You just have to choose the right heel height for your jeans. There are no hard-set rules. But I find that “the shorter the heel, the higher the hem”helps a lot when getting dressed.

For example, cropped flares look stunning with an open-toe mule, kitten heel, or sling-back sandal—basically, any sandals with a short heel.

Chunky platforms and wedges pair effortlessly with full-length flares. This chic summer combo gives your flared jeans a fashionable boost by elongating your legs and ensuring the bottom of your jeans don’t drag on the ground.

Strappy heeled sandals are my go-to for elevating my overall look while adding a little extra height. Wear these with loose, wide-legs or classic flares for a minimalist vibe that lets your jeans do all the talking. 

Pair your heeled sandals and flares with a flowy blouse à la @claudisabell for a flawlessly French vibe. 

 6. Heeled Boots

woman wearing a black trench coat with black loose-fit flared jeans and black ankle boots

Strappy sandals and kitten heels are chic and stylish when it’s warm and sunny, but when the temperatures dip, you’ll want a closed-toe option to wear with your flared jeans. 

What shoes to wear with flared jeans when it’s cold? In my opinion, you can never go wrong with heeled boots, like those on Amalie above. Not only is this classic style one of the best shoes to wear with flare jeans but they also protect your feet when the weather is cold or rainy. 

Block-heeled boots are an ideal option for pairing with any style of flares. The chunky heel adds structure and weight to the outfit that complements the airy jeans. Squared-toe boots, like the ones shown above, look chic with cropped kick flares. For wider-leg jeans, opt for pointed-toe boots.

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Flared jeans technically have enough space where you can comfortably wear higher boot cuts. But I suggest sticking with ankle or mid-calf boots for optimum comfort and mobility. But feel free to experiment with different boot styles. For example, try pairing your flare jeans with cowboy boots if you’re going for a western-inspired look. 

7. Mules/Clogs

woman wearing a half-zip sweater with flared blue jeans and pony hair clogs

While styling these ’70s-era jeans initially seems intimidating, the whole look quickly comes together with the perfect shoe style. Enter my final footwear suggestion: mules or clogs.

Both mules and clogs go hand in hand with the retro aesthetic flared jeans have, so they’re great for achieving a cool, classic vibe. These shoes also come in a variety of styles and fabrics, making it easy to find your perfect pick. 

Similar to heels, platform clogs add height and dimension to your outfit. While chunky mules and casual clogs (like Birkenstocks) look great paired with loose flare jeans for a Scandi cool-girl aesthetic.

I love this shoe option for spring, summer, and fall days when I want to be chill and comfortable but with a stylish touch. Mecah’s outfit, featuring a cozy Jenni Kayne sweater, loose-fit flares (or so it seems!), and chocolate brown mules, is my ultimate inspo come fall.


Now that we’ve covered perfect shoe options for wearing with flared jeans, I hope you feel more inspired to create stylish outfits! Flared jeans may feel like a blast from the past, but with the right footwear and styling, they’ll have a fresh and modern feel for 2024!


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