What Services A Software Development Company Can Provide?

Software development is basically the procedure in which the developers create software containing different features. Every software has its own features and functionalities according to the demands of the users/clients. Software development is just like you are giving a final manifestation to an original idea of your customer/client. This software development is not an easy task as it contains many different steps to be followed such as prototyping, development, testing, maintenance, etc.

The purpose of software development is to satisfy the needs of your customer through your exceptional experience. Suppose, you have a client that has a giant application for his business. He wants to make a market-competitive software/application that can defeat his comp in the digital market. For this purpose, you will never use junior developers or individual developers. As it is a very crucial task for your client, you have to hire the best software development company for this project.

As you know, software development companies are very experienced and have skilled developers for important projects. Every client has their own requirements and needs and wants to solve his problem. As a result, there has been made a list of services that clients demand from the software development company.  In this article, you will learn the different services the software companies offer to their clients. So, let’s start with the custom software development.

Services Offered by A Software Development Company

●     Custom software development

Custom software development seems very expensive as it includes each and every functionality customization according to the needs and requirements of the business. It is very much different from the packaged software because it covers all the community and is not made especially for a client. In package software development, all the needs and requirements are considered as a general solution of the customers.

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Custom software development cannot be made through ordinary developers as it contains special features. That’s why a software development company provides these services for their clients. In custom software, the client gets all the code of the app and can modify it in the future according to his business needs. They also provide you with APIs that offer more flexibility to the DSL.

●     Web Application Development

Web development is derived from custom software development as it has special characteristics but needs some iterations in the process in order to make a perfect application. There is a higher possibility of cyber-attacks in web application because it has greater exposure. Check out the Website development courses for in-depth knowledge and expertise in web development.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce web application and you have millions of users. Your consumers have important information in their accounts that can be hacked through their accounts. You have to make it completely secure in order to provide security to your customers so that they will again come to your store.

Web developers mostly work on the frameworks because it gives them more control over the code and they can easily reuse the code. If they will reuse the code, it will take less time to complete the application.

●     Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is a very complex task to do because there is no standard size of mobile in the market. Every mobile has its own size and OS. Mobile application development companies require more efforts to adjust the screen size of mobile applications.

  • Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing is the service that is related to storing data on the cloud without the active participation of the user. A software development company helps other giant organizations store their huge amount of data in the cloud. They produce a huge amount of data on daily basis and their data is also important for their organization. These clouds are completely private and no one can access your data without your permission.

●     DevOps Automation

These services include software development and their operations. DevOps team always works on the software servers to streamline the processes. It helps the organization to reduce the software development life cycle (SDLC).

When any issue occurs in the software, the helpdesk finds the error in a specific part and sends it to the development team to fix it. The development team solves the errors and sends a change request to the DevOps team. The DevOps team makes changes in the server according to software changes and streamlines the other processes.

●     Software Prototyping

Software prototyping is the process of making applications with iterative development. In this process, software developers launch different versions of software to check the response of users. If the users do not like a version of the software, they make some changes in the software to make it better.

It is a great benefit of software development because if you launch your software after completion, it may be rejected by your audience/users. It means your efforts and money are all wasted. But through prototyping, you can check the response of the users after every step of software development, when they show a positive response, you make the software in that way to give a better user experience.

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●     Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the process of testing a software product that includes unit testing, monkey testing, beta testing, and others. The quality assurance team checks the reliability and functionality of the software whether it is according to the standard of the software or not. If the software requires something more than your existing software, QA checks it and returns it to the development team to fix that issue. It is also the debugging of the software.

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