What makes vertical blinds the best choice for windows?

Everyone likes decorating their houses with home-decor accessories and incorporating elegant items in the interiors. Windows provide a perfect canvas for experimenting with. People often try different ideas like using curtains, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, roller shades, etc., to cover their windows to prevent excess sunlight, heat or dust from entering. However, choosing a style that sits well with the overall interior of the space requires a little research and an interior design skillset. 

This is why people also consult interior designers to suggest different ways of decorating their houses. Interior designers have the necessary skills to decide what suits best with your space.

As the name suggests, Vertical blinds are blinds made of vinyl. They are divided into stripes, vertically arranged in a series controlled by a headrail. The following points will help you understand why vertical blinds are the best choice to cover your windows with:

Works best for large windows and patio doors

Many apartments and office spaces have large full-size windows and patio doors. It is best to use vertical blinds to cover them because they are light in weight and look elegant, and any other form of curtain cover will make it look stuffy and weigh heavy on the door. Each stripe of these blinds tilts when the string is pulled, which makes it easier to control the amount of light required in the room. 

Adds height to your room 

The vertical appearance of these blinds gives an illusion of height, making the room look big. Interior designers often claim that using vertical patterns in interior spaces makes the space look big and heightened. So, instead of using vertical patterns in paint or wallpapers, it is best to use them in blinds. 

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Easy to control 

Vertical blinds are much easier to control than other kinds of blinds and curtains. They are also easier to clean because of the material used in creating them. It does not require dismounting to clean the blinds; they can be cleaned easily while being mounted on the windows or doors. 

Different colours 

There are many colours available in the market. So, one can choose the best option that suits their interior best. A wide range of colours also gives ample room for experimentation. For example, in a space with a majority of white tones in it, one can change the space’s ambience by mounting colourful blinds. It will give the space more character and vibrance. 

Less expensive and durable

Blinds are comparatively less expensive than curtains and last longer than curtains. It is mainly because the materials used to make blinds are cheaper than all the expensive fabrics used in making curtains. However, curtains are delicate and damageable if not appropriately maintained but blinds last for years with minimum maintenance. 

Help regulate the heat in the room. 

Blinds work best in summers or hot areas because the gaps in the stripes make it easier for heat to leak out. As a result, the room does not become a hot zone in summer. However, people also layer the blinds with regular curtains for better heat and light control and soundproofing. 

The reasons mentioned above make vertical blinds the best option to cover windows and doors. They are available in most home supplies stores and many online home decor shopping websites.

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