What jobs can I get in tourism management?

Travel and tourism are one of the fastest growing industries around the world in terms of profit and employability. People need places to unwind, and tourism provides opportunities for them to be at their leisure and enjoy themselves with their dear ones.

An MA in International Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management is in great demand these days due to the possibilities provided by the sector. Students with relevant degrees and skills land lucrative jobs in corporates and businesses in every part of the world. The best part is that with the right knowledge you can also venture into entrepreneurship in this industry.

Let’s explore the diverse job opportunities available in the tourism and hospitality sector.

1. Travel manager

The overall management of a travel package is the responsibility of a travel manager. You must oversee and monitor the travel policies and budgets and ensure the smooth conduct of the trip. Managing the budgets and expenses, maintaining various contracts with vendors and partner agencies, identifying customer needs and creating plans accordingly, and supervising all the travel arrangements are the duties of a travel manager.

You must have effective communication and networking skills to succeed in this job role as it involves a lot of connections.

2. Hotel manager

Just like a travel manager handles the operations of a travel agency, a hotel manager must take care of the operations in a hotel. As hotels are integral business parts of the tourism sector, maintaining them well is crucial to the development and growth of the industry. As a hotel manager, you must supervise the operations of various departments in the hotel such as housekeeping, room service, food, and beverages, etc.

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You must also develop strong marketing plans and turn with the tide to attract more customers.

3. Restaurant manager

A restaurant manager heads the operations of a restaurant that may be part of a hotel or works as an independent organization. Overseeing the food preparation, setting the ambiance, interacting with customers, preparing and managing the budgets and expenses, hiring new employees, when necessary, etc. are the responsibilities of a restaurant manager.

4. Tour guide

A tour guide must be a person well-versed in knowledge about the historical and geographical facts of tourist destinations. Most often, tour guides are hired by foreigners to get a deep understanding of various places and their significance. You have the opportunity to live a nomad life and travel to different places with different tour groups as their guide.

5. Event organiser

Students find event management as an entrepreneurial possibility these days. You can work with a corporate agent or start your business as an event manager. An event manager is responsible for organising events for clients according to their specifications and requirements. You must take care of everything in an event from food to stage decoration. For anyone with creative, leadership, and organising skills, event management is a lucrative career path.

All the job roles listed above fetch you lucrative amounts as salaries anywhere in the world. Besides that, you may venture into the business sector with sufficient ideas about the workings of each field in the tourism industry.

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