What is zinc? The wonderful effects of zinc on the skin and body that you never knew

Zinc is an important micronutrient for health. Although it only accounts for a very small amount, zinc deficiency can cause serious harm to health. In particular, young children need to be provided with zinc to ensure their development and growth.

What is zinc?

What is zinc?

At the same time, zinc plays an important role in protein synthesis through enzyme activation. Therefore, proper zinc supplementation can promote bone, muscle and brain development in children. So what is zinc? Let’s SkinFood World learn more about The importance of zinc Check out the article below!

1. What is zinc?

Zinc is an important nutrient that plays a major role in many biological functions and is needed for more than 300 enzymes in the human body. In particular, zinc plays an important role in the immune system, helping the body increase resistance and cope with infections.

Zinc is involved in many enzymatic processes in the body, including increasing protein synthesis, cell division, promoting growth and improving taste. That’s why many parents choose to supplement zinc when their children have anorexia.

Zinc not only helps develop and maintain the performance of the immune system, but is also necessary to protect the body from diseases, promote wound healing, protect the functions of taste, smell, and participation. into DNA synthesis. When lacking zinc, the metabolism of taste cells is affected, leading to anorexia due to taste disorders.

Not only does it affect physical health, zinc deficiency also has a negative impact on the mind, causing irritability. The reason is because zinc helps transport calcium into the brain, in which calcium is one of the important substances for the stability of the nervous system.

Zinc has many important health benefits

Zinc has many important health benefits

2. What effects does zinc have on the body?

2.1. Uses of zinc for men

What does zinc do? Zinc plays an important role in male sexual health. Zinc helps maintain sperm quantity and quality, and it can also improve fertility. When men are deficient in zinc, it can lead to problems with sexual health and poor sperm quality. Therefore, ensuring an adequate supply of zinc in the daily diet can support men’s sexual and reproductive health.


Zinc plays an important role in men's sexual health

Zinc plays an important role in men’s sexual health

2.2. Uses of zinc for children and pregnant women

Zinc is an important mineral, especially necessary for children’s development, including height, muscles, nerves and immune system. During pregnancy, zinc plays an important role in rapid cell growth. In particular, zinc helps activate height, weight and bone growth in young children.

Zinc deficiency can lead to developmental delays and difficulty in cell division, seriously affecting a child’s growth. Children lacking zinc often have anorexia, slow growth and resistance problems.

Animal studies have shown that zinc deficiency in the mother’s diet can affect fetal development and lead to high rates of teratogenicity. Therefore, ensuring enough zinc in the mother’s diet from pregnancy until after birth is important to ensure good development for the child.

Provide enough zinc to be good for pregnant mothers

Provide enough zinc to be good for pregnant mothers

2.3. Uses of zinc for the elderly

In the elderly, impaired immune function is a common problem, increasing the risk of pneumonia and flu. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of developing autoimmune diseases and cancer.

In addition, the digestive system of the elderly works less well due to age, leading to the ability to digest and absorb food no longer as effectively as before, causing zinc deficiency in the body.

Studies have shown that maintaining adequate zinc intake can help limit the decline in immune function that often occurs as people age. Therefore, a diet rich in zinc can improve the immune system of the elderly. In particular, maintaining zinc balance plays an important role in preventing pneumonia in the elderly.

Zinc supports resistance and protects the health of older people

Zinc supports resistance and protects the health of older people

3. Zinc supplement products distributed by The Gioi SkinFood

3.1. Immune Support Pills, Enhance Immunity, Improve Acne Skin, Zinc Supplement DHC Zinc

DHC Zinc pills is a product functional foods Contains natural ingredients to help supplement zinc for the body. This zinc pill has the ability to improve the condition acne skin and stronger hair, while increasing resistance and supporting overall health. This is a nature-based product that is harmless and helps you maintain your health and energy.


DHC Zinc pills

DHC Zinc pills

3.2. Other types of pills from DHC brand

Immunity Support, Skin Whitening Vitamin C Supplement DHC Vitamin C Hard Capsule

DHC Vitamin C Hard Capsule is a unique resistance support and skin whitening product from the DHC brand. The product contains a necessary amount of vitamin C to strengthen the body’s resistance, while also improving the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration. Besides, DHC Vitamin C Hard Capsule also helps nourish the skin, giving you bright and healthy skin.

Vitamin C extract pills provide zinc effectively

Vitamin C extract pills provide zinc effectively

DHC Perfect Vegetable Nutritional Supplement Pills

It is a zinc supplement that many women choose and cannot help but mention it DHC Perfect Vegetable. This is also a food line belonging to DHC, extracted to provide important nutrients from fruits and vegetables, beneficial bacteria and vitamin E for the body. At the same time, DHC Perfect Vegetable also helps support the digestive process, suitable for those who lack fiber in their diet or have an unbalanced diet.

Vegetable pills supplemented with zinc

Vegetable pills supplemented with zinc

Pills to Enhance Liver Function & Improve Acne Skin DHC Liver Essence + Ornithine

DHC Liver Essence + Ornithine pills is a special product created from fresh liver extract, combined with Ornithine and zinc. The product not only helps enhance liver function and reduce the risk of liver cancer but also plays an important role in maintaining liver health. In addition, HC Liver Essence + Ornithine also helps improve acne skin condition effectively.

Protect and enhance liver health

Protect and enhance liver health

Anti-Aging Pills, Prevent Wrinkles, Increase Immunity for a Flexible Body DHC Coenzyme Q10

DHC Coenzyme Q10 pills are an outstanding functional food because of their ability to provide abundant vitamins and Coenzyme Q10 deficiency in the body. The product not only helps reduce the aging process and prevent wrinkles but also helps make the skin more beautiful. At the same time, DHC Coenzyme Q10 pills also help the body stay healthy and increase resistance.

Japanese DHC anti-aging skin pills Coenzyme Q10

Japanese DHC anti-aging skin pills Coenzyme Q10

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4. Frequently asked questions

4.1. What effects do zinc supplements have?

Zinc supplements are often used to treat or prevent zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc is a mineral essential for many important functions in the body, and a zinc deficiency can cause many health problems. Here are some important effects of zinc supplements:

  • Resistance support: Zinc plays an important role in strengthening the body’s immune system, helping the body cope with infections and diseases.

  • Development and growth: Zinc plays an important role in development, including cell growth, height, and weight gain in children.

  • Sexual health: Zinc supports male sexual health and can improve sperm quantity and quality.

  • Skin and hair regeneration: Zinc participates in the regeneration of skin and hair cells, helping to maintain skin and hair hair care healthy.

  • Digestion: Zinc plays a role in food digestion and nutrient absorption, helping to improve the digestive process.

  • Enhance taste and smell: Zinc plays an important role in maintaining and improving taste and smell function.

  • Protein synthesis and DNA: Zinc participates in the synthesis of proteins and DNA in the body.


4.2. How does zinc supplementation for adults work?

Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and fights oxidative damage. Therefore, zinc supplementation for adults can help prevent oxidative stress and reduce the risk of cancer. Specifically, prostate cancer in men can be prevented through providing enough zinc in the daily diet.

4.3. What should you pay attention to when supplementing zinc?

To make good use of supplemental zinc, take it about 30 minutes after meals. Avoid taking zinc on an empty stomach because it can cause digestive disorders. The best time to take zinc is about 2 hours after three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have stomach problems, take zinc with your meals.

5. Summary

Above is useful information about zinc that SkinFood World sends to you. Zinc is an important nutrient for the body, so you should provide it fully and promptly. If you want to learn about zinc supplements, please visit SkinFood World for advice and support!

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