What is the average salary of a user experience designer in Canada?

We have all come across websites and applications with interesting designs and pop-ups. This magic is created by user experience designers who combine creativity and technology to develop attractive interfaces that prompt the users to take action. A good interface boosts the popularity of a website and increases traffic and action.

Good user experience and interactive design are priorities for companies to provide a seamless experience to users who navigate through applications and websites. Better the interface, the more the average time spent on a website due to which companies are hiring UX/UI experts globally.

With the demand for UX/UI designers rising exponentially, let’s take a look at their salary and responsibilities in Canada.

How much does a user experience designer earn in Canada?

Statista reports a 15.3% growth in the e-commerce industry of Canada in the next five years. With e-commerce continuing to grow, the demand for user experience designers is likely to increase further. Companies need skilled and experienced workers to join their workforce and improve the online presence of their brand and product through creative ways.

User experience design is one of the highest-paying job roles in Canada. According to Glassdoor, a user experience designer in Canada makes anywhere between $71,000 to $117,000 depending on their position, industry, and experience. The average annual salary for a user experience designer in Canada is $90,907.

According to Indeed, the highest-paying city for UX/UI designers in Canada is Toronto, followed by Surrey, Vancouver, and Ottawa respectively. These cities, especially Toronto and Vancouver, are the business hubs in the country and extend plenty of opportunities for skilled workers in the field. 

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What are the career prospects for user experience designers?

User experience designers can find work in several industries ranging from technology to media and communication. As most organizations are investing time, effort, and money into building websites and applications to maintain a strong online presence, the need for user experience designers is now more than ever. This is only likely to increase with each passing year with advancements in technology and communication.

Some of the popular career options after a degree in user experience and interactive design are as follows:

  • UX Researcher

As a UX researcher, you must collect various data and analyze them to identify customer preferences and behavioral patterns. You must also be closely involved with the designers and product development teams to help design user interfaces that are the center of customer attraction.

  • UX designer

A UX designer designs and develops user interfaces according to the requirements of clients and the data provided by researchers. You must look to create interfaces that are simple and easy to navigate and catches user interest.

  • UX copywriter

This role might suit those who are interested in curating precise and simple content for various platforms. As a copywriter, you must write concise copies that the users come across while navigating through a website or application.

If you have creativity and an eye for details, user experience designing is the right choice for you. 

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