What Are The Benefits Of Window Treatments?

While renovating your house, you might not pay much attention to your windows as much as you should.  Window treatments not only make your living space more inviting but also provide you with the ability to block out unwanted sunlight, increase your privacy, and reduce the loss of energy. 

When it comes to buying window coverings, most of us would simply choose ready-made treatments. However, they are available in very few standard sizes and styles, meaning they might not fit your windows perfectly or match your style preference. Now, if you choose custom-made window blinds, you can get rid of all these issues. 

The following article will guide you through the most significant benefits of buying custom window treatments and help you find the best place where you can buy custom blinds online. 

Benefits Of Custom Window Treatments

1. Precise Window Measurements

When you buy window treatments from a local retailer, you limit yourself to only a few available sizes. The situation can become worst if you have an unusually shaped or sized window. In this case, you won’t be able to find the perfect size that fits well or control the amount of sunlight you want. 

While, on the other hand, custom window blinds are specially made to fit your window’s dimensions. The manufacturer will send a professional to take precise measurements of your windows, and then build the coverings for those exact measurements. 

2. Diversified Design Portfolio

With custom blinds and shades, you get the freedom to choose from nearly endless design combinations, different finishes, styles, textures, and colours. This way, whatever preference of design you may have, you’ll be able to find the exact same window treatment for your house. 

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Unlike, ready-made blinds and shades which offer a limited range of options, you will have options to pick and choose from. Also, you only need to pay for the design, finish or texture you select. 

3. Improved Privacy

No matter how friendly you’re with your neighbors, you probably don’t want them to look through your windows. This is where shades and drapes come in. They allow you to control how much privacy you want and also give you the choice to decide when you want it and when you don’t. You can keep your shades up during the morning hours and shut them down at night, or you can choose to keep them slightly opened or closed.  

4. More Energy Efficient

According to a report that suggests that in an average American household, more than 30% of heat is lost due to the absence or poor window treatment. Furthermore, a staggering 75% of sunlight carrying harmful UV rays comes inside your home through the windows. All these significantly reduce your energy efficiency. You may also need to pay more for electricity bills as your AC keeps running during summers and heaters during winters. 

The solution to this problem is to install custom window treatments. Window blinds that fit perfectly will reduce the amount of heat lost and therefore, increase the overall energy efficiency. Different blinds work differently and some are better than others when it comes to saving more energy. 

Consult your window treatment professional on which one suits you the best. 

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5. Top Notch Workmanship 

When you choose custom window treatment over a ready-made covering, you’re not only paying for aesthetics but the luxury of your choice. Where cheap ready-made window treatments are blunt and monotonous, custom-made blinds add a new dimension to your interior. 

Custom window treatments usually cost more, but they pay off their price tag by being more durable, attractive, and energy efficient. Therefore, you won’t have to replace them every few years and additionally, you’ll have seamless, tight, stitched without any frays curtains and drapes. Furthermore, you’ll be delighted to receive a professionally designed glimmer for your house. 

6. Professional Treatment & Easy Installation

Hiring a window treatment professional is a great idea in many ways – they suggest window treatments that compliment your interior and style, and they also help you find the coverings of your preference. Furthermore, they will guide you through many different options depending on your needs and budget. But the cheery on the cake is their no-cost installation. So, where to buy custom blinds? 

Choose LA Custom Blinds For Your Custom Window Treatments 

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