What are the 10 most popular sports?

To this day the majority of English football fans still hold our beautiful game in high regard.

But when we talk about the most popular sport, is it really our national pastime?

Our research shows that football is not even in the top 10.

In fact, when it comes to popularity, it’s not even close.

Other sports not even considered in England’s top 10 include cricket, American football, and basketball.

So which sports are at the top? Sports which are popular in more than one country.

Here is our list of the top 10 sports…


The most popular sport worldwide is, unsurprisingly, soccer. In fact, around 2.2 billion people play the sport, with the biggest leagues playing in multiple countries.

Soccer also counts for half of all NFL players and almost two-thirds of players in the NHL.


Baseball is the second most popular sport in the world, with 2.8 billion people playing it.

The NBA and MLB are the biggest leagues, and last year one billion people watched Major League Baseball on TV. The ones that were quick to buy the MLB tickets got to witness the game live.


Cycling is just behind soccer in terms of popularity. More than a billion people cycle regularly, and a million people cycle the Tour de France route.


Rugby union is the fourth most popular sport in the world and is a huge deal in England.

There are 18 professional sides in England, plus the Six Nations, and around 4,000 people turn out to watch every weekend in the nation’s towns and cities.

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Rory McIlroy is the world’s top player, and golf is seen as a cool sport in Europe and the USA.

It was invented in the mid-19th century by the Scottish brothers Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris and has seen a huge growth in popularity over the past few decades.

6.Rugby sevens

Rugby sevens are the most popular sport in the IRB Sevens World Series, and sevens is a major part of the Winter Olympics.

It was added to the Olympic program in 2016 and has become a global sport.


The most popular sport in the NBA (NBA), and it is seen as the greatest sport in the world outside of soccer.

Not only is there a Super Bowl every year, but there is also the international NBA finals, and a successful team from the USA has won gold at every Olympics since 1996.


By a huge margin, football is the most popular sport in England. And around 100m people have watched every Premier League game in the last four years.

It also regularly comes second in the UK Eurovision voting.


Cricket is the most popular sport in the world, especially in Australia.

Cricket is also played in many parts of the UK, but in many ways, it doesn’t count as an English sport.

This is because cricket is a Test match, and the English test cricket season only stretches from August to June.

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