Wearing a mask that protects you from the epidemic covid19?

The most searched masks today are medical masks and 3M 9051V masks (masks that can filter out micro dust and prevent viruses from entering). However, will wear a mask really helps protect the version from 2019 – nCoV? What type of mask should be used? How to use it properly? Today let’s find out it in this article with Willtiptop. Let’s dive right in!

1. Benefits of wearing a mask

It is worth noting that scientists are still working on the mode of transmission of the 2019 epidemic – nCoV , while the US CDC (US Center for Disease Control) has the following recommendations: 

These are general recommendations to help you avoid infectious agents in general, including epidemic 2019 – nCoV. 

Wear a mask to help you prevent illness effectively

Masks help keep you from breathing directly in air droplets that contain viruses and other pathogens. Medical masks usually have 3 layers, the outer layer is a plastic layer that will help you prevent substances that can easily enter your nose. 

Or being in contact with a carrier wearing a mask can also help prevent the virus from getting into your breath directly when the person sneezes, coughs or talks.  

Wear a mask to help prevent disease in the community

In the case of sick people with flu symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, or cough, wearing a mask will prevent pathogens in the patient’s secretions from spreading directly into the environment, or directly into the street. breathing of healthy people.

Therefore, it is extremely important to wear a mask for people who have symptoms of respiratory diseases, especially during an epidemic. 

Each individual must be aware that disease prevention is not only to prevent illness for themselves, but also to prevent illness for relatives and the community. 

One more person infected, the more the risk that that person continues to infect others, leading to an outbreak of the disease for the whole community.  

Pathways of the new strain corona virus (SARS-CoV 2)

Prevention of the corona virus through droplets (droplet)

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Prevention of the corona virus through droplets (droplet)

For infectious diseases via microscopic droplets such as acute pneumonia caused by the 2019 – nCoV epidemic , it is best to use a triangular mask to prevent contact with the water droplets coming out. from a sick person when they sneeze, cough, blow their nose or talk. 

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Both the patient (carrier) and their caregiver need to wear masks. For caregivers of patients who need to use the mask once and then remove it, use a completely new mask every time there is close contact with the sick person.

The corona virus is transmitted by droplets

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Prevent airborne transmission of the pathogen

Some viral infections of the lungs or throat are spread by microscopic droplets in the air, and enter the healthy person’s body through breathing. People with viral respiratory infections should wear a mask to prevent the virus from spreading into the environment when they cough or sneeze. 

People who come into close contact with carriers of these germs even through conversation should wear a mask and should choose the one that fits their face for more effective protection.    

Epidemic 2019 – nCoV is a new strain of the virus, currently the epidemiological characteristics and mode of transmission of the virus have not been completely confirmed by specific studies, wearing a disease mask is a preventive measure.

Wearing a mask not only helps protect yourself from pathogens, keeps the body warm, but also prevents the spread of disease to the community in case the individual is not aware of the disease and has not been isolated. 

It should be noted that caregivers also need to wear a mask and wash their hands frequently.  

Wearing a mask and washing hands often helps prevent disease

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2. When is wearing a mask that doesn’t protect you?

A mask may not fully fit to completely cover your face

Some Doctors have explained some cases where the protection of the mask may not be guaranteed. For example, it is difficult to find a mask that perfectly fits the nose and mouth so that it can be worn continuously for a long time.

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So when you wear a medical mask, you need to manually adjust the metal bar on the mask to fit your nose. Be careful to modify the mask only when your hands are washed, otherwise it will contaminate it.

When you touch your nose and mouth with your hand inside the mask

As a habit, we tend to touch the nose or mouth inside the mask or put our hands on the mask while wearing it. Doing this can contaminate the mask that you are using, so it can reverse bacteria in your nose and mouth.

When you put your hand directly on the nose inside the mask, you accidentally put the germs directly into your respiratory tract. In this case, even if you wear a mask, there is a normal risk of disease.

The protection is lost when you use the mask in the wrong way

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3. What type of mask should be used against corona virus?

On the market, there are two types of masks that have quite a high protection effect: masks (or N95V, N95 for short) are masks capable of preventing the penetration of viral structures such as dust or viruses, bacteria.

This mask has a good protective effect in the prevention of respiratory diseases.

3-layer or 4-layer medical mask: this mask is a mask with a waterproof plastic layer that protects you from liquid particles that carry viruses from the air that seeps through the mask and then enters the respiratory tract.

In addition, the waterproof outer layer also prevents secretions that sick people sneeze, cough, spread, and splash out of the environment into your respiratory tract.

3M mask 9501v

White 3M mask 9501v
3M mask 9501v

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They recommend: *Note: This mask is not regulated to be used within the medical field or as PPE (personal protective equipment)

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4. How to wear a mask to prevent corona virus?

As mentioned above, when wearing a mask, you should wear it properly, otherwise, it will reduce or lose its protective effect. For both the N95 respirator and medical respirator, you need to adjust it to fit and cover your face as much as possible.

  • Be careful not to touch the mask without washing your hands with soap to avoid infection. Here are some notes to help you wear effective preventive branding.
  • Wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based medical hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds before wearing the mask 
  • Only touch the strap when wearing and removing the mask
  • Do not let your hands touch the body of the mask (where it touches the nose and mouth) when wearing and removing the mask
  • Do not touch the body of the mask during the entire procedure
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer after removing the mask

Wash hands thoroughly with soap after removing the mask

A very important note from health professionals is that wearing a mask is important, but because the coronavirus is transmitted through the “droplet”, in addition to wearing a mask, handwashing with soap or hand sanitizer is present.

Alcohol storage is important for disease prevention. So washing hands and wearing a mask are two measures to do to protect you from coronavirus disease.

In the context of the transmission pathways of the new strain, coronavirus is still being studied, it is of utmost importance to raise awareness and to take precautions on one’s own. 

Wearing a mask is a very recommended measure in the context of complicated epidemics, the number of people infected and dying rapidly increasing at the center of the Wuhan epidemic.

However, you should note the recommendations in this article to wear an effective mask in the prevention of coronavirus disease.

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