Surely all of us know that washing your face is always considered one of the three basic, indispensable steps in skin care (cleansing – moisturizing – sun protection).

It seems like washing your face is extremely simple. However, when you wash your face incorrectly, it can easily bring serious “consequences” to your skin. Oily skin produces more oil, dry skin, and acne-prone skin. tense,…

Let’s Willtiptop Find out common mistakes in washing your face and the best way to wash your face for your skin!

-The first and most common mistake is washing your face with dirty hands. We often have the habit of putting facial cleanser in our hands and creating foam but forgetting to wash our hands before. Add bacteria and dirt from your hands to your face.

***For those of you who are forgetful, put a bottle of hand sanitizer next to your facial cleanser and rest assured that you will never forget it again.

-Water temperature is also an issue that needs attention. You often use hot water in the winter but don’t know that the condition of your skin becoming dry, itchy, and burning right after washing your face is due to the water temperature being too high. Heat causes loss of moisture balance on the skin.

***The best way is to use warm water to wash your face to help relax the blood vessels inside the skin and use cold water to rinse one last time to close the pores on the skin.

-Another mistake that people often make is washing their face too many times a day. Whether your skin secretes a lot of oil or dirt, washing your face too much stimulates sebum, causing a lot of oil to be secreted. and more susceptible to dust.

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***If you are often exposed to dusty environments, instead of washing your face, you can use makeup remover in liquid form or rose water, apply it to a cotton pad to wipe away some of the dirt 😀

And did you know that Japanese people are extremely careful about every impact on the skin because according to them, the right contact on the facial skin will help improve skin condition, somewhat reduce wrinkles and sagging. Remember the principle wash your face Willtiptop We’ll send it to you. It’s extremely simple <3

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