Vegetable Varieties That Are Actually Fruits

Do you know that there are many plants most people consider vegetables that are actually fruits, botanically speaking? And tomatoes are known as the most famous example. Also, having several from common vegetables that are actually fruits. Read on to see our foods below you’ve been misunderstanding this whole time.
Vegetable Varieties That Are Actually Fruits
Technically, fruits are produced from the ovary of the flowers. Alternatively, other edible parts of the plant like roots, stems, and leaves, classify as vegetables. This is the reason why potatoes, spinach, and onions are all listed as vegetables. For basic culinary purposes, the difference between fruits and vegetables doesn’t seem like it would be that complicated. Here are 7 vegetables that really should count as part of your daily fruit intake.

#1 Cucumbers

Source: Nature-and-garden

Cucumbers are super easy to grow. But you need to be careful about providing them with plenty of watering, as too little can cause your cucumbers to become bitter tasting.

#2 Tomatoes

Source: Harvesttotable

Cherry tomato plants are super easy to grow. Some types of tomatoes are self-rooting, meaning you can literally cut off part of the plant and it will regenerate itself into a brand new plant.

#3 Peppers

Source: Originalhomesteading

Peppers can easily be grown indoors on a windowsill or even out in a garden. They love lots of sunlight and plenty of water but offer the potential for a continuous harvest.

#4 Eggplant

Source: Plantshop

Growing eggplant is quite easy. You’ll grow it in the same conditions loved by peppers and tomatoes. It prefers hot, humid weather and will produce a consistent harvest throughout the summer months.

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#5 Green Beans

Source: Growjoy

Green beans are prolific little growers! Start them as soon as the frost has receded and you’ll enjoy a bounty all summer long.

#6 Peas

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Peas can be planted very early in the spring and are foraging in cold temperatures and a light spring frost. They can even survive under a bit of snow cover. They’ll produce rapidly until the weather heats up in the middle of the summer.

#7 Zucchini

Source: Gardeningtips

Zucchini plants can yield a ton of food. They produce large leaves and are heavy feeders, so you’ll want to make sure you plant them in well-watered, nutrient-dense soil.

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