Useful Plastic Milk Jug Crafts Ideas For Your Home And Garden

Don’t throw away your used plastic milk jugs! They are waste and non-friend environments. Save them and turn these things, which seem like trash, into your own treasures. Check out the 18 Useful Plastic Milk Jug Crafts Ideas For Your Home And Garden. These ideas not only help you save money but also help lead you towards zero-waste living. There are many easy DIY projects you can make right at home that will help your gardening efforts, even your kids also will love trying!
Useful Plastic Milk Jug Crafts Ideas For Your Home And Garden
From planters to storage ways, or other gardening purposes, all are collected here and inspire you! Besides, these easy DIY projects can be made right out of your home. No need to spend a whole day, you can complete them in a span of one afternoon and also have to need your handful. Now, it’s time to gather them, then wash them out and craft them.

#1 Easy DIY Milk Jug Planters

Source: Cupcakesandcutlery

#2 Milk Jug Shovel

Source: Tinkerlab

#3 Milk Jug Watering Can

Source: Homehacks

#4 A Small Greenhouse

Source: Homehacks

#5 Indoor Bottle Herb Garden

Source: grillo-designs

#6 DIY Bird Feeder Summer Kids Craft

Source: Creative Sitters

#7 Totem Pole From Milk Jugs

Source: Instructables

#8 Milk Jug Garden Art

Source: Handmadebytrish

#9 Fun Plant Markers

Source: Naturalnewagemum

#10 Recycled Milk Bottle Fairy Garden

Source: The-gingerbread-house

#11 Winter Sowing A Vegetable Garden

Source: Afrugalhomestead

#12 A Beautiful Bird

Source: Rustic-crafts

#13 Milk Jug Flowers

Source: Tipjunkie

#14 Recycled Milk Jugs For Storage

Source: Sewmanyways.blogspot

#15 Milk Jug Vertical Garden

Source: Pinterest

#16 Hanging Vegetable Planters

Source: Pinterest

#17 Plastic Jug Garden Scoop DIY

Source: Ruralsprout

#18 Hanging Strawberry Planter

Source: Scott Bell

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