The last decade has seen a rise in organic items. Be it organic diets or organic farming; people have been consciously shifting towards a much more environmentally sustainable source of living. This process comes with its health benefits. 

With the pandemic in place, people have started trusting freshly sourced produce rather than imported ones. This idea has been trusted so much that many of us have even started making our produce. Organic farming at home has become a popular hobby. Markets have realised the potential in this. Now, there are sales of vegetable seeds online! A survey conducted by the Australian Institute only confirms this: around 48% of Aussies in urban households were more likely to grow food at home! 

In a usual farm setting, the farmer purchases nutrient-rich soil with the required seeds from a vendor. Here, they can check if the raw materials are of good quality and fit for their farmland. However, now that one can buy vegetable seeds online, this process has been much more simplified. It is important to remember that such seed sources are used more by urban farmers in Australia. 

Why Urban Farming?

Urban farming is a system of agriculture undertaken by city folks. This process was previously done in separate cubicles to support growing plants in the backyard. But with the pandemic changing up things, urban farming has been shifted to the home settings. People have started buying the required raw materials online to grow their produce! 

Purchasing raw materials online:

Soil and seeds are the two most important raw materials when it comes to farming. Now that they are available online, they only make things easier. Here are some pros of online shopping for farming:

  • Seeds: Buying vegetable seeds online has proven to be a trustworthy process. There are several varieties of vegetable seeds. Not only does one have a choice between summer and autumn veggies, but one can also buy exotic seeds like celeriac or eggplants! Supportive vegetable and herb seeds like microgreens are also available. These kinds of seeds confer several advantages:
    • Variety: From seed value packs, organic seeds, companion planting seeds to heirloom seeds, people get to access a whole range of seed varieties without hunting for them. This makes the process of diversifying your garden much easier and more time-efficient. 
    • No-Risk Factor: These seeds are packaged as non-GMO packets. This means that they are natural products with zero genetic modifications. Such seeds with no added chemicals and preservatives become automatically healthy for the individual, their gardens, and the environment in general. 
    • Quality: These seeds are sourced from the best farmers and seed suppliers in the countryside before they arrive at your doorstep. This is a time-proven quality accreditation. 
    • Easy Returns. These vegetable seeds online come with a guarantee of easy returns. Vendors are ready to take their seeds back if they do not grow in the farms. They even offer replacements based on the reasons for return. 
  • Soil: Soil quality is of the topmost priority when it comes to farming. Many urban farmers at home combine the process of waste recycling and rich soil generation through the process of vermicomposting. This process involves dumping all the organic waste generated in the kitchen (peels, food waste, etc.) into a huge pit, covering it, and letting the worms do their magic. This type of soil is extremely rich in nutrients, but the process is environmentally sustainable. 
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