Top “unusual” items on Amazon

unusual" items on Amazon

Unusual design, functionality, even “bizarre” does not mean that the items sold on this Amazon website are nowhere to be found.

1. Ringly smart ring

4 Ringly smart rings and 2 smart phones

The girls have no time to wear ugly, crude smart rings because this lovely ring also has all the cool features. In addition to acting as a giant piece of jewelry, Ringly can also connect to smartphones, support vibration when receiving new notifications, calls, texts, emails, even tracking jewelry. Strong or counting steps.

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2. Alarm clock can run

If the sleeping club “got” given this watch would go crazy soon. At the scheduled time, this clock will automatically run around the room until it is captured by the owner and press the off button.

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3. Smart Helmets 

Parents should buy a hat like this for their children to ensure it is safe to go out. Each hat has a built-in internet connection via a mobile network, a GPS chip, and a powerful impact detection system. If the user has an accident, it will automatically send location information to relatives so they can come to help immediately without the need for a smartphone.

4. Camera monitoring and playing with pets

Do you have a dog or a pet cat but leave the house often? Rest assured, this robot and intelligent camera will allow you to interact and chat with them over the internet. Even, you can also give food to the inside and throw it for the “boss” for fun.

5. Hand-held coffee machine

Coffee believers no longer have to go crazy when they can’t go and buy. This coffee machine is compact and does not use electricity so you can take it anywhere, from the office to traveling in the wilderness.

6. Handbook “write all the time but don’t run out of paper”

Both convenient and environmentally friendly, this notebook uses paper technology and comes with a special pen and ink pen for complete reuse. When you want to erase words, you just need to use a damp cloth to wipe it. Also, rest assured that this data won’t go anywhere as you can upload it to cloud storage services in a flash.

7. Anti-pour cup lid

This tiny item is a lifesaver for clumsy people. Nightmare of spilling water on the computer, your phone will disappear if you use the Dixie cup lid instead of the usual plastic lid. It has an upper lever to close the cup, and even if it slopes upwards, the water inside cannot overflow.

The other advantages of the Dixie cup lid are a healthy, flexible rubber that can fit in multiple cup sizes, washable and reusable.

8. Mobile tent 

f you are the type of person who loves to sleep in an office or a crowded place but does not like to be disturbed, this tent is “paradise”. With its compact size, foldable and pocket, this bizarre product can be used anywhere, even can replace common camping tents.

9. Spider-catching sticks

Spiders, cockroaches or any other insect will quickly “surrender” when faced with this stick. It has a very simple design but is extremely useful, just point the hairy end towards the insect, squeeze the “trigger” on the other end, it will fit in the plastic bristles that cannot escape. Insects are only temporarily confined, not dead immediately, you can release them in the yard to avoid the crime of “killing”.

10. Lock bottle cap

This idea sounds funny, right? However, they are useful when you do not want others to tap your precious wine or medicine bottle, especially the kids in the house. This lid uses a 3-digit lock to secure anything in the bottle and is also very tight, safe and hygienic to not spoil or damage the inside.

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