Top things you can do during the COVID

The epidemic has caused significant impacts on the economy as well as the activities of individuals and businesses. If you are struggling to know what to do to kill your free time, please refer to the suggestions below. They will be great ideas for you to entertain, learn, upgrade and train yourself during the season. Make this difficult time a stepping stone to develop yourself in the future with these great things you can do during the COVID.

1. Read books – Best way to enhance your knowledge in Covid

A girl is reading a book on her hand

Undeniably reading will bring us a lot of benefits from accumulating knowledge as well as learning many new things. Reading also improves your mental health a lot. Many studies show that people who regularly read daily have lower stress levels many times higher than those who do not read books.

Reading can be considered as one of the most rewarding and practical activities of the season. You can also change your reading style, for the time being, there are many new and interesting reading styles. In addition, you can also change the type of book to reach many different genres, increase the reading experience and diversify the source of knowledge.

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The best time to read is any time. However, if you want to have an effective reading schedule during the translation season, morning and evening are the best time to read and stimulate your mind best.

We often think that reading is boring work, how can I read while still worrying about the effects of the epidemic?

In fact, reading is not a job! Start with gentle books, books that you like. Please ask yourself questions, what do you like, what is your field of interest? From there you will come up with the best choice for the genre of books that you love.

It would be great if you could have a morning coffee with a good book. All your worries about the epidemic and problems that arise will be quickly released.

So why don’t you start reading today?

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Learn foreign language – Best thing to make your covid – time more challenging

A glasses on a opened book

Getting started with a new language is neither easy nor too difficult. Taking advantage of rest time during an outbreak to learn a foreign language is not a bad idea. During this time, outdoor activities are limited, and the effects of the disease have narrowed our ability to communicate. However, with the development of technology and the Internet, right now, you are still communicating with Will through this article. And it is written in English. Imagine, if you could read this article in another language, it would be very interesting!

When you start to learn a new language, your brain will receive a lot of new information, stimulating its thinking activity as well as its agility. You will enjoy learning a new language if you practice it the right way.

Always the motto, let’s get started as simple as possible! You can start with learning a foreign language with entertaining activities like playing games or watching movies. Reading books in other languages ​​is also a good idea, but you should choose books that are easy and should be read when you have a good grammar foundation.

The easiest way, get started with Youtube and Google!

These are the two best tools when you start learning a new language. As long as you spend a little time every day (about 30 minutes), then I increase the time and I can continue to easily maintain my daily language learning.

Experience when beginning to learn something any, v à learning foreign languages, in particular, were: 4 weeks the first time you have successfully decided to learn a new language or not. Think of the first time as the warm-up time, everything is very new and difficult. However, if you can get through this stage then everything becomes very easy. Let Will take a real-life example :

When you first learn to ride a bike, you realize that the first steps are very difficult and you need a lot of force on them. However, at a certain point, when the car has reached the desired speed, you only need to use a small force to keep the car moving forward. Everything is now much easier, you have time to admire the scenery around the road, your level is very skilled, can both ride a bicycle and sing. Now, you don’t have to force yourself up to use the force of the bicycle, right now, you enjoy it.

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So is learning a new language or any new skill! Remember the 28-day rule! If you get through these 28 tough days, you will have a great chance of success. Be persistent and have a simple but clear plan, you will definitely learn the new language successfully.

Learn to play an instrument – make the covid-time more interesing

A girl playing guitar

Music is an indispensable spiritual food for each of us! It would be interesting if you could create new melodies yourself or sing along with them. So the idea of ​​learning to play a new instrument will be great if you have as much time as during the COVID translation season. Turn this dull time into an enjoyable part of your life with the sounds of the instruments. You can learn Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, …

There are many types of musical instruments you can begin to learn and, depending on your interests and needs, choose the right one.

How to learn new musical instruments? Never ask general questions like this. You will only get general answers like your own. Learn first, like the previous part I shared, Youtube and Goole are two “miraculous” tools that you can exploit to turn them into powerful assistants in developing your musical instrument skills. me.

First things first, you need to have an instrument you want to play. It can be a guitar or an old piano (You can choose to buy old instruments to save money). Many websites sell used products, but the quality is not much different from 100% new products, but the price is much cheaper. If your finances are tight, you can study the theory for a while, but be sure to own the instrument later. Because that is what gives you a new inspiration to help you change your space during the COVID pandemic.

Starting with simple video tutorials on Youtube, remember, you don’t need to spend money on an online guitar course if you just want to study for fun during isolated days or at home. However, sure, if your budget allows, studying with online courses will help you progress faster and avoid wasting time. So, define your purpose when learning a pandemic instrument. You just want to experience something new, or you want to nurture your passion for the future. The decision is up to you.

Work out at home – thing to make you strong during covid

2 girl are puhsing up

Health is the most important thing to you, trust me! Without good health, you will not be able to do anything. Start an exercise routine every day to keep your body awake and at its most productive. In particular, in the complex developments of the pandemic, having good health will ensure you greater peace of mind both mentally and physically.

Remember, start with everything simple first, then slowly make things a habit and gradually increase the difficulty. With you having a lot of free time during the covid pandemic, your body will be easily spoiled for laziness. Because we have too much free time, we often get caught up in bad habits like surfing Instagram, youtube Facebook, or even TikTok. These activities are not bad fundamentally, but if you spend too much time on these activities it is not good at all.

Instead, with only a small amount of money, you can buy for yourself some weightlifting tools at home, barbell, barbell, yoga mat, resistance rope, …

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To save on the season, you can hunt for deals, you can search for many products on reputable e-commerce sites like Amazon or Ebay, and there are many stores that offer programs.

Even if your finances are not that good, you can exercise without the tools. Basic exercises you can use such as pushups, squats, crunches, …

I have tried the exercise every day for 10 months myself and the results are great with nothing I have tried to keep training.

Better body, healthier eating, better sleep, much more confidence and optimism. Your mental health also improves significantly as your physical health increases. That’s why start doing one push-up right away after finishing this reading. And remember to share the article with many people to spread the value.

In the end, hope we all overcome the pandemic, be healthy, prosperous, and always happy with what we have learned and accumulated.

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