The internet is full of content and that is why it has attracted so many individuals who love to watch different kinds of shows and movies to entertain themselves. The entry of OTT platforms such as Netflix has changed the way people watch content because it has brought to them a lot of shows and movies which were not available until Netflix entered the market. If you have been actively watching some great shows on Netflix then you must be familiar with the kind of content it has and the fact that it has cancelled many of its original series without giving them and their fans a proper closure. Let’s take a look at some of the shows which fans desperately want to get next season so that they can get answers to all their questions.


The show about a sheriff who despite having personal struggles became a fan favorite upon its release and thanks to Netflix the show got a new life. However, the fans who were waiting for Netflix to release the next season of the show were left disappointed when they found out via The Next Hint that Netflix has no plans for Longmire season 7.


The show is about a young New York City graduate student who seeks the help of her friend to moonlight as a dominatrix. The show ran for two seasons and it was cancelled after that. Fans still wait for the next season, but there is a very slim chance for the show to make its return.


The Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal, became a popular character after his first appearance in Marvel’s Daredevil. The popularity of the character led to the creation of his own series but it was cancelled after two seasons only and fans who were waiting for the next seasons of the show were left disappointed.

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The dark comedy series ran for only a single season and it was cancelled after that. The show was released in 2019 and it was received well by both the audience and critics alike.


One of the best examples of how a well-made science fiction show could gain a cult following if it has a good theme. The show was live for two seasons and it was cancelled after that. It is still unclear as to why Netflix cancelled the show.

These Netflix series can be watched by you whenever you are in a mood to watch something that is high on quality and can entertain you pretty well. And if you think that none of the above shows has the promise which you expect, then you can always check out our other lists which might have something that can satisfy your need for a good Netflix show. Lastly, these lists are prepared after a lot of research and efforts, so we request that you must give these shows at least a try and after that you can decide whether you want to watch the rest of their seasons or not.

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