Top 8 Green Vegetable Varieties To Grow In Vertical Garden

You live in an apartment or at a place where you don’t have a garden, don’t let your lack of a large garden space deter you from growing fresh vegetables. When you lack garden space, you still have plenty of vertical space to grow your favorite vegetables. There are plenty of vegetables you can grow well vertically in small areas, and here are the Top 8 Green Vegetable Varieties to Grow in Vertical Garden that you can utilize from the smallest space.
Top 8 Green Vegetable Varieties To Grow In Vertical Garden
In recent years, many gardeners who have ample garden space turn to vertical gardening methods. For the simple reason, they do add a visual aspect and beauty to the garden, but it also helps increase air circulation, larger harvests, and decrease pests and diseases. However, not all vegetables grow vertically, so we picked the best choices to add to your garden. Let’s take a look at the best vegetables you can grow vertically easily.

#1 Nasturtium

Source: Horticulture

Nasturtium is both a flower and vegetable that might add to your vertical garden. It can grow well in any condition, even on neglect as long as provide it full sun and enough water.

#2 Kale

Source: Agrotonomy

Kale is one of the best vegetables that contain a lot of nutrition. Growing this vegetable vertically will help you make the most of space. It needs full sun and well-draining soil.

#3 Microgreens

Source: Inhabitat

Microgreens are the best nutritious vegetables and are harvested young from an inch or two in no time. They all are easy to grow and just take up little space.

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#4 Lettuce

Source: Inhabitat

Growing a lettuce wall or a vertical ladder planter is a great way to have delicious green vegetable dishes on daily meals.

#5 Pak Choi

Source: Hydroponic-urban-gardening

You can grow dwarf or baby pak choi in 5-6 inches deep pots vertically, in window boxes, or in a vegetable bag garden.

#6 Spinach

Source: Greenstalkgarden

This vegetable is one great choice for your vertical garden. In addition to growing it on a planter, you can grow it in a vertical kitchen gutter garden.

#7 Herbs

Source: Farmandfoundry

There are many types of herbs including basil, mint, and parsley, and more, all can be grown vertically in herb towers, ladder planters, or pocket planters.

#8 Green Onions

Source: Gardeningknowhow

You can grow green onions vertical method. They grow well to help you harvest a good quantity in a small space this way.

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