Top 6 beautiful 3CE matte lipstick lines that everyone wants to own in 2017

3CE is a lipstick line that combines elements sought after by girls today. Matte lipsticks with smooth texture, excellent adhesion and color retention, rich lipstick color palette, easy for you to choose a satisfactory lipstick color. Top 6 beautiful 3CE matte lipstick lines promise to make a splash in 2017.

1. 3ce x Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color:

This is 3CE’s latest lipstick line combined with Asian nude lipstick queen Lily Maymac, which was recently released by this company on November 21. The current lipstick color palette has 3 nude lipstick colors: earth red, peach pink and earth orange, all of which are beautiful and hot lipstick colors. The highlight is the red lipstick, one of the newest nude lipstick colors, promising to explode in 2017.

The smooth matte texture and excellent adhesion and color rendering ability make this lipstick win the hearts of girls.

2. 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color:

This is also one of the lipstick lines launched by 3CE in winter 2016. The main color tones chosen for this hot lipstick line are quite deep tones such as brown and earthy orange. The lipstick palette has a total of 5 colors, including tones such as brick red, earth orange, earth pink, plum plum, and nude beige that make girls fall in love. The matte lipstick is smooth, true to the standards of a Matte lipstick, has the ability to adhere and retain color for many hours, will definitely be one of the lipsticks you cannot miss next year.

3. 3CE Liquid Lip Color matte lipstick

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No Korean cosmetics company has ever produced beautiful lipstick colors like this brand’s 3CE lipstick. Especially colors like: wine red, vampire red, earthy orange… If you have used these colors of 3CE lipstick, you will not be able to use other brands. Because 3CE always creates a lipstick color that can be called exclusive.
The same goes for this 3CE Liquid Color lipstick line. The company has two extremely unique colors: Lazy and Obsed. Maybe other brands also have it, but the color is guaranteed not to be as standard as 3ce’s.

This 3ce Liquid Lip Color cream lipstick, with a small, tube design, and lovely baby pink color. The tube form is also a new experience, compared to previous tube-shaped cream lipsticks. Furthermore, with this design, the lipstick tube is kept clean and much more beautiful than the tube.

4. 3CE Drawing Lip Pen super smooth lipstick

With breakthrough improvements with the brand’s very own characteristics, the 3CE Drawing Lip Pen pencil product that is sharp, long-lasting, and highly nourishing is the favorite lipstick that women have been crazy about in recent times. This.

What’s special about 3 CE pencil lipstick?

3CE Drawing Lip Pen lipstick is a pencil-shaped lipstick, with the same structure as a familiar pencil that we often use to draw with a soft wax that is easy to spread, and a thin pencil tip that helps you outline your lips. sharp and compact

3CE Drawing Lip Pen is extremely soft, easy to apply on the lips, not hard and does not hurt the lips at all


3CE Drawing Lip Pen has a perfect color, is very durable, long-lasting, has a matte finish, does not shine on the lips, and has many moisturizing ingredients to help keep the lips from drying out and darkening.

In addition, with this unique pencil lipstick, you can easily mix it with other colors of the same type to create different lipstick colors, especially can be used as an extremely unique and beautiful eye color.

3 CE lipstick pencil has many fresh, gentle and stylish colors so you can freely choose your favorite color.

5. Super Matte Anti-Slip Tattoo Tint 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint

Launched in early 2017, 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint promises to explode this year.

With super matte lipstick, you can enjoy eating and drinking without worrying.

With just one hit, it lasts for more than 5 hours.

6. 3CE Stylenanda Lip Marker lipstick – magic pen With Vitamin E moisturizer to help protect and increase moisture for your lips The color is long lasting, the color is very natural and gives you lips that are as soft and smooth as expected, especially on days when the weather changes like today. With 3 colors: Red, Orange Pink will give you choices that suit your style and purpose.

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