TOP 5 Entry-Level Watches for New Collectors

Entry-Level Watches for New Collectors

Nowadays, you no longer have the freedom you used to enjoy because of the ongoing health crisis. You can’t go outside of your home and visit your friends. Moreover, the government prohibits leisure activities that require the need to travel from one place to another. All of these efforts aim to reduce the impact of the deadly virus. 

Being at the corners of your house 24/7 allows you to develop new hobbies. For instance, you learned to love watches because you often read and watch reviews online. Now that you have a deeper understanding of horology, you might want to buy a few things to start your watch collection journey but you don’t have any idea where to start. In this article, we will introduce you to the entry-level watches that will surely be your next favorite timepiece due to their excellent craftsmanship and unbelievably high value.

  1. Rolex Air-King  

Rolex is undeniably the most well-known watch brand worldwide. For sure, it is where you want to buy your first luxury timepiece because of its unmatched popularity. You probably thought that all of its timepieces come with a price tag of more than a thousand dollars. Maybe you even lost hope of having a watch from the brand because you don’t have that huge amount of money. But that is not true because the company also targets those people who are about to start their watch collection journey, just like you, by offering the Air-King collection. It contains entry-level timepieces with a starting price of $5 050. 

The company released the first Air-King model in 1945 as a tribute to the British Royal Air Force. It has a large dial featuring Arabic numerals and sticks hour markers which scream elegance and class. It became available together with the Air-Lion and Air-Gian but it is the only air collection that is available up until today. However, its production briefly stopped in 2014 but continued after two years with upgraded movements and dial designs. 

  1. Omega Speedmaster Professional

Omega produced the Speedmaster Professional by incorporating various horological innovations that allowed the watch to withstand unfavorable conditions. Because of its great features including high durability, you can use it for all of your adventures like hiking and swimming. It became available for sale to the public in 1957 and throughout the years, this model proved that it is a desirable watch to have due to its accuracy and precision. NASA even recognized it as its official timekeeper during its space missions. The most affordable model costs around $5 150.

The company coated the indexes, hour and minute hands of the Speedmaster Professional with SupeLumiNova to ensure that every wearer can read the time easily no matter the light condition. When you buy this watch, you will have two additional straps for free and a tool that you can use to adjust the bracelet, lupe, and metal plate. It will be worth buying because of its great features and affordable price tag!

  1. TAG Heuer Carrera

Next on the list of entry-level watches is the Carrera collection manufactured by TAG Heuer. It derived its name from the popular car racing event in Mexico named Carrera Panamericana. It comes with an automatic movement. a chronograph, and several complications making it an ultimate favorite among watch collectors and enthusiasts. For only $4 500, you can already have a watch from this collection.

The watches under the Carrera have a date window and correction feature to let any wearer adjust time as easily as possible. You can read the subdials through the minute chronograph counter, permanent second indicator, and hour chronograph counter. The manufacturer coated the hands and indexes with Superluminova to let you check the time even in a dark place. Once you completely wind the watch, it can last for up to 42 hours.

  1. Cartier Tank Solo

The Cartier Tank Solo is another luxury watch with an affordable price tag. Louis Cartier designed the first timepiece released under this collection in 1916. He used the tanks he saw during WW1 as an inspiration which explains why they had a rectangular shape. The company did not alter the original design up until today because it saw that a lot of younger generations find it appealing and attractive. The model with the lowest price tag costs $2 410.

The dial of this watch model comes with large roman numeral hour markers for utmost eligibility. The manufacturer paired it with a railway track index and sword-shaped hand made from stainless steel material to improve its style and aesthetics. You can easily change the leather straps of this watch model to match your attire.

  1. Bremont U-2

The last on this list is Bremont’s U2 which features Arabic numerals and a date window located in the 3 o’clock position. Just like the other watches it has hour markers and hands coated with SuperLumiNova. Its price starts at %5 095 which is relatively lower than the Rolex Air-King.

The watch comes with a central body, bezel element, and case back that are all highly durable. You can find a model with a chronometer complication enclosed in an anti-magnetic case. Knowing this, you can use this watch for all kinds of adventures no matter how unfavorable the conditions can be.

Where can you buy the luxury watches mentioned above?

Since there are limitations in terms of the movement of people, you should not go outside and find an official retail store. You can order from an online store because it is more convenient and accessible. However, you might be hesitant to order online because you believe it is unsafe and you are afraid that you would receive a fake one. It is not the case if you buy from It is a trustworthy and established store offering legit watches at relatively lower price tags. It is best to buy from the website during sales season because you can avail yourself of up to 80% off retail prices. 

In Conclusion

Now that you know the top 5 entry-level watches, you are ready to make an informed purchase decision. You just have to ensure that the model that you would choose matches your style preference and is within your budget. Start your watch collection by ordering from!

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