Top 5 benefits of MobiKwik ‘Buy Now Pay Later

Carrying huge amounts of cash or settling payments instantly are becoming outdated concepts in today’s data-driven world. Even if consumers don’t have ample money with them, they have the freedom to purchase anything they want and pay for it according to their convenience. This concept is being promoted all over India through the reliable online payment application MobiKwik.

It is one of India’s largest Buy Now Pay later app. With the availability of pay later features, you can buy anything you prefer, as and when you want while paying for it later on. Apart from this, the BNPL option aims to ease users’ lives by encouraging cashless payments as per the upcoming digital trends. 

Today’s urban consumers are familiar with MobiKwik, one of India’s rapidly growing online payment portals. With over a hundred million active users, MobiKwik successfully revolutionized monetary transactions. 

Apart from being a digital eWallet and facilitating online payments, the app offers wealth management and payment gateway services. MobiKwik’s wealth management category covers Digital Gold & Mutual Fund, along with lending, gift cards, and so on. 

The concept of an online credit card has been around in the financial world for several years; however, MobiKwik successfully modified and molded it into a tech-finance feature. BNPL is a special feature that can serve as an online credit card. It can reduce unnecessary hassles related to payment situations and money matters. You’ll no longer be required to always carry credit cards or cash with you. You can pay any amount with this feature. The amount is often deducted from MobiKwik’s Zip balance.

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You can repay the credit amount down the line. The virtual credit card payment limit will be extended when you transact more. However, this principle doesn’t apply to physical credit cards. The entire procedure involved in this transaction can occur in the wink of an eye. You can pay via the smart payments method anytime, anywhere. 

Advantages of Buy Now, Pay Later

Although the idea of buying now and settling your payments in the future sounds too good to be true, MobiKwik has your back! The app’s active users are already acquainted with its advantages, and the new users can register and download the app right away. Here’s a look at the intriguing characteristics of Buy Now; pay later users to love that.

  • Offers immediate credit: Once you’ve registered on the app, you can access MobiKwik’s Zip feature. As a result, you will always be equipped with steady virtual money whenever or wherever you go. You can access this money whenever needed. Users can obtain a credit up to Rs 30,000. So, you no longer have to worry About carrying stacks of Debit/Credit Cards or heaps of cash wherever you go. Users’ digital wallets will always be loaded with enough money. 
  • Safe transactions: These payment methods guarantee enhanced safety as the transactions are carried out online. The transactions can be carried out through a smartphone instantly and easily. 
  • Propagation of the BNPL feature: As this feature is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for transactions involving money, it has paved its way across multiple stores, shopping malls, shops, and roadside stalls as well. Along with traders across India, businessmen are embracing and propagating the BNPL feature. From your salon, restaurants, stationery shops, local grocery stores, to even your eateries, everyone is embracing this tech-savvy mode of payment. Thus, you can access it as and when you want. 
  • Easy repayment options: The online MobiKwik comes with easy and convenient repayment features while ensuring the user’s digital wallet is full. Besides, it ensures the Zip credit remains settled. The method is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, allowing consumers to utilize the remaining or unused amount whenever required. 
  • Invoice: The app generates two separate invoices twice a month- the first one is generated on the 1st of every month, and the second one is generated on every 16th of each month. 
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Thus, two separate divisions of the money have to be repaid. The invoice is divided into two categories to ensure accurate and easy calculations. You can always watch your expenses or track the amount you spend each month. 

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