Top 4 Boot Types for Women

Women’s fashion in Australia has evolved and changed in the best way possible. In a country where boots remain a staple in most wardrobes, you need to understand the variations available.

Only after you get presented with all your options in women’s boots can you make an informed decision.

Indeed, the right kind of boot for your style will enhance your overall look. Moreover, it is a great choice to keep your feet warm and cosy during the winter months. Irrespective of the variety you get, the boot should feel appealing to you and comfortable.

So, are you ready to choose the best boots for this winter?

#1. High Heel Boots

Such boots are a statement for various Australian women. It can enhance your features by making you look alluring and taller. Hence, if you select to buy high-heels, you ensure a completely glamorous look for yourself.

It is a great shoe option for parties and sophisticated meetings. You can pair high heel boots with anything – From flared dresses to tight denim and even shorts. Either way, you will look chic and beautiful.

Note: It would be wise to practice balancing on high heels before wearing one.

#2. Square Heel Boots

These are one of the most famous women’s boots you can find in Australia. They are beautiful and have sturdy anatomy. Unlike the high heels, you can walk with them without worrying about falling over.

It is more robust and more secure to your feet. Furthermore, a square heel boot will make your legs look slender and ease the pressure off your toes.

Even then, this boot has all the flair and glam factors you will need. You can wear it with mini skirts and flared denim dresses to look aesthetic.

Note: These boots should be your go-to when attending a rock concert.

#3. Slim Heels

Do you love stilettos? If you do, then this pointed heel boot will be your best friend. It is one of the most attractive boots on this list because of its chic and classy look.

Indeed, these boots will be a great pick if you love extravagant heels and slenderness.

Such women’s boots will complement any dress you wear. The slim anatomy and variety will make your feet look stylish and extremely classy.

Note: You can pair such boots with trousers as well.

#4. Trekking Boots

If you plan to go hiking in style, these boots should be your choice. These boots will have excellent functionality if you buy from a reputed Australian brand. Furthermore, it will have high-quality and “trek-worthy” anatomy.

Not only that, trekking boots have a durable and sturdy sole. This way, your feet will stay safe and supported as you climb, hike or trek your nearest mountain.

Note: These boots make an excellent choice for freezing climates.

The Bottom Line

The footwear market will grow at a CAGR of 8.29% between 2021 and 2025. It ensures that your favourite women’s boots will keep on evolving in style and material.

First, you need to shortlist the various types of boots in Australia to analyse which one fits your fashion sense. For example, you can go for high-heel boots if you want to look alluring and taller. On the other hand, if you want a robust, comfortable and feminine look, it would be best to go for a square heel boot. Either way, the options are limitless, and your wardrobe will get a new fashion addition.


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