Compare to Sheet mask aka Mask paperthen Wash off mask It can be said that it is much less common, although its appearance began many centuries ago, since people knew how to use natural materials such as clay, green tea,… to help make skin smoother.

To talk about types Wash off mask has the most popular pure natural extract today, it is impossible not to mention the name “The Cocoon“. Let’s Skinfood world Explore the categories The best natural wash off mask from the brand The Cocoon hey!

A few words about The Cocoon brand

The Cocoon is a beauty brand for Vietnamese people from familiar and familiar ingredients. Since its launch until now, Cocoon constantly launching vegan skin care products and cosmetics, helping to retain nutrients from plants and nature, ensuring safety, benignity, and suitable for most skin types.

Besides the familiar products of Cocoon in the cosmetics market such as Kill death celk, Make-up remover, Rose water,…then Wash off mask The brand is also considered a best seller thanks to its diverse uses, benign ingredients, and “super” affordable price.

Top 3 best wash-off masks from The Cocoon

Hung Yen Turmeric Extract Washing Mask The Cocoon Turmeric Face Mask

The product helps clean dead cells, hydrates, improves dark spots, inhibits Melanin pigment and nourishes bright, smooth skin thanks to ingredients extracted from nature.

Main ingredient: Contains turmeric extract and starch, oatmeal extract, volcanic ash, Allantoin compounds, Niacinamide, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, walnut powder,…


  • Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and reduces skin irritation, and optimal anti-oxidant properties.
  • Strongly reduces and inhibits the formation of melanin pigment, improves acne scars, dark spots, uneven skin tone, nourishes bright, smooth skin, strengthens the immune system for healthy skin.
  • Maintains moisture, reduces dry and flaky skin, cleans dead skin cells, and increases skin smoothness.
  • Stimulates protein and collagen synthesis, fights oxidation, improves skin firmness and elasticity, increases the skin’s immune system, and nourishes youthful, radiant skin.

According to objective reviews from TGSFthis is a product Wash off mask Very good for brightening skin and fading dark spots. Therefore, this product is very suitable for those who are in the process of treating acne or for those with uneven skin tone.

In addition, the ingredient contains ground walnuts, which have a gentle massage effect while washing to help clean dead skin. Natural scent, pleasant to use without making skin yellow.

Washing Mask for Oily Skin and Acne with Winter Melon Extract The Cocoon Winter Melon Face Mask

Is the product Wash off mask with the main ingredient being cool squash, supplemented with natural extracts that help regulate lubricants, unclog pores, improve acne and soothe redness, helping to bring clean skin. acne and smooth.

Main ingredient: Melon extract, pennywort extract, white clay (Kaolin), Willow tree extract, tea tree essential oil, Hoang Ba bark extract, Lactic Acid,…

Main uses:

  • Has effective cooling and heat-reducing properties for the skin. Rich in vitamin E, it helps improve dry skin, making it softer and smoother.
  • Strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help improve and prevent acne conditions such as acne, inflammatory acne, blackheads,…
  • Absorbs sebum, excess oil, impurities and toxins from the skin, making the skin more clear and tightening pores
  • Soothes the skin very well for red, swollen spots and prevents dark scars left by acne.
  • Gently removes dull dead skin cells and enhances skin hydration.

General, Cocoon squash washing mask Does a good job of “removing” annoying acne spots, suitable for oily and combination skin. The product will help push out acne and hidden acne, quickly and significantly reduce acne swelling. Combined with the natural scent of squash, creating a relaxing and pleasant feeling when used.

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Fresh Rose Petal Extract Washing Mask The Cocoon True Rose Face Mask

A mask with crushed organic rose petals, mixed in a smooth moist gel layer, combined with a moisturizing magnet to help soothe, hydrate, instantly soften the skin and reduce the appearance of large pores. .

Main ingredient: Fresh rose petals, rose water, Hyalurnic Acid (HA), Pentavitin,…


  • Has the ability to tighten pores, soften skin, balance natural oil on the skin, and stabilize sebum control.
  • Deeply moisturizes for up to 72 hours, instantly soothes and restores skin, leaving skin plump, smooth and fresh.
  • Improves and maintains the skin’s protective barrier, preventing natural dehydration.
  • Has antibacterial properties and can inhibit the growth of some bacteria quite effectively.

Cocoon rose washing mask is an optimal solution for dry, dehydrated skin and skin with large pores. Visibly hydrates and soothes after first use.

In addition, the product also has the effect of fading wrinkles and preventing skin aging if used regularly. With a smooth gel texture and tiny rose petals, it quickly helps the skin relax.

Overall, all 3 products Wash off mask from home The Cocoon all promote the uses introduced on each product. Because it is a 100% natural product, the effectiveness will depend on each person’s skin type and constitution.

Use regularly and combine with special treatment products to bring noticeable results in the shortest time. TGSF Hopefully this article will help you choose one for yourself Wash off mask from home The Cocoon suitable for your needs and skin condition.

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