Skin can be divided into many different types such as dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, oily combination skin, sensitive skin, etc. Understanding the nature of your skin will help you choose. Get yourself the products Skin Care Fit.

In the classification of skin, sensitive skin is the most “difficult to care for”, just like its name – sensitive skin is very susceptible to irritation, rashes, and allergies due to environmental factors. Choice cleanser for sensitive skin is very important because it begins the daily skincare routine. You need to choose a facial cleanser that ensures facial cleansing but does not cause irritation due to sensitivity.

Within the scope of this article, Skinfood world will introduce to you the types Benign facial cleanser for sensitive skin.

What is sensitive skin?

To identify sensitive skin, the following characteristics can be considered:

  • Clearly see capillaries below the surface of the skin.
  • Easily irritated after using a certain type of cosmetic (product with fragrance, or one of the ingredients in the product).
  • Skin becomes dry, chapped and peels when exposed to wind.
  • Easily susceptible to rashes – this is also the most recognizable sign of sensitive skin.
  • Acne easily appears on the skin surface.

Any inappropriate impact from the outside can cause sensitive skin to have “reactions” such as acne, dryness, cracking, itching, etc. Therefore, taking care of sensitive skin is extremely difficult. requires you to carefully consider each ingredient in skin care cosmetics such as facial cleanser, sunscreen, serum,…

Top 3 benign facial cleansers for sensitive skin

Benign Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Is the most famous product for sensitive skin, containing a benign formula that gently removes dirt, Cetaphil is always the top priority of dermatologists when recommending for sensitive skin.

Besides, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser It also does not clog pores, has the ability to maintain natural moisture and is suitable for all skin types, including the delicate skin of newborn babies.

Main ingredient: Purified water, propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol…

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  • With a standard pH of 6.3, equivalent to the pH of the skin, it helps gently remove dirt and makeup without causing adverse effects on your skin.
  • Helps skin maintain natural moisture.
  • Maintains and creates a protective barrier for the skin against pathogens.

General, Cetaphil is a safe product. Extremely benign ingredients, no fragrance and is the first choice for those with sensitive skin. This product is for all skin types, adult skin and even babies. Can be used to clean with water or dry.

In addition, it can be used to exfoliate by mixing the product with oats and granulated sugar. Apply the mixture evenly on your face and massage gently, then rinse with water.

Gel Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin SVR Topialyse Gel Lavant

SVR Topialyse Gel Lavant is the line cleanser Gentle, prevents dry skin, protects sensitive skin, suitable product for the whole family from the brand SVR. At the same time, the special formula for dry skin helps protect the skin’s hydrolipid layer and helps reduce dryness and discomfort, helping to bring soft, comfortable skin.

Main ingredient: Formulated with high concentrations of “Dermatological active ingredients”, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Glycerin, Soap Free,…


  • Soothes itching and has a lipid-restoring effect to strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Leaves skin soft, moisturized and comfortable with long-lasting results.
  • Helps gently cleanse without causing dry skin.

Topialyse Gel Lavant is a gentle product that fights dryness, protects sensitive skin. Especially fragrance-free and sulfate-free. High safety so this product can be used for infants. In addition to being used to wash the face, it can also be used in bathing and cleaning private areas. This is an okay product TGSF Rated as “multi-functional” and extremely safe.

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Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin Eucerin pH5 Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin

Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin Eucerin pH5 Facial Cleanser Sensitive Skin is the line cleanser Designed specifically for sensitive skin with pH5 Citrate Buffer to help restore and maintain the skin’s optimal pH5 balance, and a formula with 0% irritating ingredients to support deep yet gentle cleansing. Mild and safe for sensitive skin.

Main ingredient: Aqua, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Methylpropanediol, Coco-Glucoside, Panthenol, Glycerin,…


  • Helps balance the skin’s optimal pH5, gently cleanses and does not cause dry skin.
  • Able to improve sensitivity, stimulate skin regeneration and recovery, making skin healthy.
  • Plays a role in supporting moisture absorption, keeping the skin hydrated, contributing to moisturizing and softening the skin.
  • Deeply cleans dirt layers on the skin’s surface.

With cleanser for sensitive skin Eucerin, you can use it with complete peace of mind because it is safe for sensitive skin with 0% irritating ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance, soap, paraben, SLS. Very well tolerated even on extremely sensitive skin, including the delicate skin around the eyes.

On the line is Top 3 best facial cleansers for sensitive skin and most popular today. TGSF Hopefully through this article you will choose for yourself a suitable facial cleanser product line to care for sensitive skin better, more effectively and ensure safety for your skin.

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