Top 15 Living Room Plants That Spruce Up Your Space

Apart from supplying green space for the environment, and for human life, plants can bring some great benefits such as money, fortune, or luck. If you love bringing green plants to your living space, there are some best plants that would bring health benefits as well as give positive energy to your home. And here are the Top 15 Living Room Plants That Spruce Up Your Space that will you closer to nature.
Top 15 Living Room Plants That Spruce Up Your Space
Each is a great gift of nature and brings different benefits. They’re great to sit in any space in the living room to add more appeal to your interior. They will all make you satisfied with the landscape around the home such as tabletops, desks, windowsills, and even the corner. Plus, they are easy with basic care, even if you aren’t good at gardening, you also grow them successfully. After reading the post, we hope that you will find one choice which is suitable for your favorite.

#1 Moth Orchid

Source: Gardenia

Moth Orchids look delicate but they are hardier than their dainty appearance as they can bloom for months and live for years. When growing them, let’s give them bright, indirect light, and water once a week until water drains out of the bottom of the pot.

#2 Aglaonema

Source: Nurserynisarga

Aglaonema is a low-maintenance plant that keeps looking good even if you neglect it. Give them low-light and lightly moist soil.

#3 Coin Plant

Source: Thespruce

Coin Plant features cute little rounded leaves that add a splash of color to end tables. Give them bright light, moderate watering, then wait to water until it dries out a little because coin plants don’t like to stay wet.

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#4 Pothos

Source: Brighterblooms

Pothos give a great look when hung in pots or let their long vines drape down. They grow well in moderate light but also will tolerate low light conditions.

#5 Norfolk Island Pine

Source: Thespruce

Norfolk Island Pine is a delicate-looking pine with soft needles. It does well in bright light and slightly moist soil.

#6 Dracaena

Source: Greensouq

Dracaena has many different strong, architectural forms. The plant prefers moderate to bright light and lightly moist soil.

#7 Anthurium

Source: Bunches

Anthurium offers striking heart-shaped red or pink flowers which last for weeks. It requires lots of bright, indirect light, but not direct sun.

#8 Maranta

Source: Gardenbetty

Maranta brings pretty veined leaves that curl up at night. It is easy to grow and care for, you just give it moderate light and watering, it will grow happy.

#9 Areca Palm

Source: Plantz

Areca Palm is a classic tropical plant to adds charm to any space. For its optimum growth, let’s give bright light and enough water.

#10 Snake Plant

Source: Lady-penelopes

Snake Plant is a tough plant that thrives on neglect. It puts off dramatic upright spikes. It grows well in moderate light, but also tolerates low light.

#11 English Ivy

Source: Treelove

English Ivy is a hardy plant that grows well in pots or hanging baskets. In spring and summer, give it moderate light, bright light in fall and winter.

#12 Spider Plant

Source: Plantvine

Spider Plant shows off arching, strappy leaves that look great in n hanging baskets or on shelves. It grows well both in bright light and low light.

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#13 ZZ Plant

Source: Coolgreenandshady

ZZ Plant produces shiny, waxy-looking leaves that make it a striking addition to any dark corner of your living room. Also, it also needs a little water, even if you forget to water it for a few weeks.

#14 Fiddle-leaf Fig

Source: Plantvine

Fiddle-leaf Fig is a great addition to your living room by its big green leaves. The plant needs tons of bright indirect light, regular watering, and well-drained soil for its optimum growth.

#15 Peace Lily

Source: Bloomnation

Peace Lily features interesting spoon-shaped white flowers and shiny leaves to add style to any space. They do well both in low and moderate light, but they bloom better with bright light.

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