Top 5 Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved to become the most highly used social media network in the world due to its ability to engage and connect with potential customers on a personal level. 

Smart brands and marketers have begun to include the platform in their marketing efforts by leveraging various strategies including the ability to showcase Instagram feeds on the website by embedding them. If you are new to this strategy and are unaware of the embedding process and the best tools for the strategy, then make your way to the end of this post. 

Just like the title of this post, you will get to know about the best tools that can be used by marketers to seamlessly embed Instagram feed on websites. Additionally, you will also get to know about the benefits of leveraging this strategy.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

The Most Responsive Tools To Easily Embed Instagram Feeds On The Website

  • Taggbox Widget

The first tool on the list is the Taggbox Widget, a leading social media aggregator that allows its users to collect and embed social media content on their website. The tool collects content from over 15+ social media networks including Instagram. 

During the aggregation process, the users can choose their connection type i.e.- hashtags, mention, etc. Additionally, the users can leverage the customization panel of the platform to increase the effectiveness of the widget. 

The Taggbox widget comes with a content moderation panel to eliminate any unwanted content from the Instagram widget. The other power-packed features of the tool include advanced analytics, custom CSS, automatic content updates, and a robust back support team. 

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Overall, the Taggbox widget is extremely easy to use and is highly responsive. 

  • Instagram Official Embedding Option 

Yes, you read that right! Instagram itself offers its users an option to embed feeds on their website using the official embed option. The users simply need to select the post they wish to embed, generate the embed code and paste it at the section where they wish to embed the Instagram widget. Save the changes and the widget will be published.

Even though this process is super easy to follow, it is extremely time-taking since it demands the users to post only one post at a time. However, the other tools mentioned in the post enable the users to collect and embed multiple posts in one go.

  • Flockler 

Another good social media aggregation tool to collect and embed Instagram feeds on the website is Flockler. The users can collect the content by selecting their preferred source, be it specific hashtags, mentions, etc. 

The tool enables the users to select from their preferred layout option to increase the look of the Instagram widget. Flockler enables the users to moderate the content before making it live on the website. Overall, the tool has a hassle-free setup and easy integration for more responsiveness for its users.

  • Snap Widget 

The last tool on the list by Snap Widget, which is another great social media aggregation tool that enables users to aggregate Instagram content from hashtags, mentions, etc. The tool allows the users to easily embed the content on their website. 

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Speaking of its features, the tool offers automatic updates but the biggest drawback is that it takes a long time to be uploaded on the website. Additionally, the users can leverage the designing options offered by the tool to increase the impact of the Instagram widget.

  • Tagembed 

Next up on the list is Tagembed, another great social media aggregation tool that enables users to collect and embed content on their website from various social media networks including Instagram. 

The tool comes with multiple features that work to tremendously improve the overall look of the Instagram widget. Tagembed comes with a customization panel, advanced content moderation, and a back support team for 24×7 assistance to the users.

Benefits Of Adopting This Strategy In Your Business 

If you are still unsure of embedding Instagram feeds on your website, then this section will convince you to adopt it right away. 

Embedding Instagram feeds allows brands too –

  • Increase the engagement on the webiste 
  • Display User-Generated Content to build trust 
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Build a social proof of the brand 
  • Enhance the overall look of your website 

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this post and you are now aware of the best tools that can be used to embed Instagram feeds on the website easily. Even though there is a multitude of options for the process, we have mentioned the 5 best of the lot to make it easier for you. 

Get going now, select the tool that fits your needs and requirements the best, and utilize this strategy right away to enjoy the aforementioned benefits and more!

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