8 Handy Tips From Experts About Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are a popular packaging option that can package different products. As the name suggests, the boxes are shaped like a pillow. Products like jewelry, gifts, candy, etc., can be quickly packaged in them. You can get a pillow box with a window that will show consumers part of the product. They can then think about whether they want to buy it or not. 

The following are 8 tips that you should know about custom pillow boxes:

1: Designed to attract consumer

Pillow boxes wholesale can be designed so that they allure the target audience. These people want the product and are more likely to buy it. It is essential to make the packaging to attract your consumer base towards it if you want sales to happen. When designing the boxes, you will keep the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of the consumer base in mind. For example, if you are packaging jewelry for ladies, the packaging will be decent and look elegant. 

2: Made Strongly

You should make the boxes strongly if you want them to keep the product safe. You should choose packaging material that will not harm the product in any way. Some packaging materials have chemicals in them. These can go into products like food ones and spoil them. You should avoid using this type of material. Some options to select are cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft pillow boxesThese materials will keep your product secure and allow it to reach consumers of good quality. 

3: Choose To Be Sustainable

When considering which printed pillow boxes to get, it is better to choose eco-friendly ones. You want to limit your carbon footprint and help customers do this. You will reach more consumers and appeal to them if your brand shows that it cares for the environment. Boxes like Kraft pillow boxes are recyclable, reusable, renewable and biodegradable. Now people are more aware of what human practices are doing to the environment. Everyone needs to play their role in limiting this.

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4: Right Size Box

A pillow box with a window is able to be gotten in the size of your choice. Size is essential when it comes to packaging because it can further ensure the product’s safety within. If pillow boxes wholesale are too large, you will be using the extra money on the packaging material that is not needed. You will also be wasting money on additional transportation expenses. The product can move around in the box, harming it. 

Small packaging boxes can break and make the product likely to get affected by external influences. When you think about which package to obtain, choose the right size one. 

5: Details To Add On Packaging

Custom pillow boxes should include information about the product to be simple for consumers to know what it is. You need to find out what they need to know about your merchandise and include that stuff only. The printed pillow boxes should add the information in a good and readable font. The size must be perfect and color as well. 

The box may not have much space to include stuff, so make sure only to add what is essential. The details must be those that are relevant.For example, if you sell a food item, you will tell its ingredients, nutritional information, flavor, quantity, weight, warnings, manufacturing and expiry date, etc. 

6: Market The Product

Use pillow boxes wholesale to market and advertise your product in the store. You will need to design it attractively so that it gets noticed. You should include the unique features of the product on custom pillow boxes. If the brand has some discount or deal, state this clearly. If your skincare product is dermatologically-tested, consumers should know this. It may have some ingredient that is good for the skin. 

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7: Choose Right Box

According to your product, you should select the correct box to get. A pillow box with a window is suitable for those products that need to be seen before they are purchased. You will be making the life of customers easy with these. The box will have a transparent window to see the item. For example, if you are selling jewelry, people may want to check it out before they get it. It will therefore be suited to a box like this. 

8: Design Box Attractively

If you want the Kraft pillow boxes to get noticed, you should design them so that they stand out and attract. They should be more prominent than the competition. You must select the right colors, images, designs, etc., to include on printed pillow boxes so that they stand out. Colors can make the box alluring. You should consider color psychology to get an idea of what the different colors signify. 

For example, if you want to show that the brand cares about natural stuff and the environment, you can use green and brown on the box. When adding images, especially those related to the product, make sure they are realistic. You can hurt consumer’s expectations if they are not. 

Pillow boxes can help your product stand out and give your brand a good impression. However, you need to design them carefully. Choose the best material to make the box from. You can consider getting a pillow box with a window if you want your product to be seen by the consumer. Look at trends in your product packaging, as you can get some helpful ideas from here. 

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