Tips For a ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look 

After two years of wearing masks and turning off our cameras during a Zoom call, makeup has not been the top priority for many of us. In fact, for some, being barefaced has been a welcomed break. However, as people are now going back into the real world again, some will want to hide the eye bags they have accumulated from the stress of the pandemic. 

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) and have had a break from makeup, you might find that the sudden full-face feels heavy and uncomfortable. Or, if you have loved being barefaced and want to keep this subtle style going while playing with your makeup again, the barely-there ‘no makeup’ makeup look might be the one for you. 

This piece will talk you through some staples you need in your makeup kit for a barely-there makeup style and how you can achieve this aesthetic. 

A Soft and Light Base 

The biggest giveaway to anyone wearing a lot of makeup isn’t always a bold eyeshadow or a strong lip color, it can be the foundation.

Ideally, you want your foundation base to look like another layer of skin, relatively undetectable to the eye, yet offering the benefits of wearing makeup, such as smoothing out perceived imperfections, dark circles, and an uneven skin tone

Using a light to medium coverage foundation can help you achieve this look while using a beauty sponge to really press it into the skin. Also, be sure to avoid using a powder after! Set with a spritz of setting spray to keep it locked in place. 

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Open Up The Eyes 

Using the right mascara can give your eyes that “I have definitely had enough sleep” look, but choosing the right shade can make all the difference to how natural it looks. For example, if you have fair skin or blonde to light brown hair, you will find that a brown mascara will suit you so much better than a black mascara. It will look far less harsh and soften your features for a natural style. It is also worth getting quality hair & makeup supplies to use for simple looks, so you know they will last on your skin.  

Shape Your Face

While putting on foundation or a bb cream can help create a solid canvas, it can also leave your face looking a little flat. This is where you should re-add dimension back into your face with items such as bronzer, contour powder, and blush.

This is also a good time to focus on your brows, as they shape the face effortlessly. It is up to you whether you want to fill them in or use a little brow gel just to set them in place. Some people like to dye their brows to give them a more natural look than using eyebrow products. 

A ‘no makeup’ makeup look should bring a fresh and light look to your skin. Finish with a setting spray to tie it all together, and you are good to go! 

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