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Halloween is coming, the biggest and most popular carnival of the year. So you wonder what day is Halloween? And what is the origin and meaning of Halloween? The following article of Willtiptop will share with you some information, hopefully, to help you better understand. Please refer!

What is Halloween?

Halloween is an abbreviation of the phrase All Hallows’Eve, which means the eve of All Saints’ Day (also known as the Feast of the Devil) is an annual festival held on October 31 of the solar calendar. yearly. This is considered the most fun festival of the year with mysterious and attractive games for everyone, especially young people.

Halloween is a mixture of religious rituals and ancient practices of many different cultures. If in the past, Halloween was only held in Catholic Western countries, but today it has become an annual cultural event that people all over the world look forward to.

The Origin of Halloween

According to Irish legend, there was a young man named Jack when he was alive, very greedy, stingy, often hiding money, never giving anyone anything. When he died, his soul was not allowed to go to Heaven but also could not go to Hell because when he was alive he used to play with the devil, so the devil did not catch him.

Previously, a demon came to destroy a residential area, unfortunately, the people came to ask for help, the monks brought holy objects to cover and locked the doors, so the demon was captured. Right after that, Jack realized that it was the demon he used to play with and found ways to remove the demon’s curse to open the way for the demon to escape. The Devil wanted to repay him for saving his life, so he promised Jack that he would not take his soul to Hell.

Later, when Jack died in an accident but was rejected by Heaven, he went to Hell, but then the devil did not let him in because of his previous promise. At that time, the devil saw Jack lonely and miserable, so he took some embers from Hell and put them in the pumpkin intestine, and gave it to him to warm. On the way back to earth, Jack had to punch a few holes in the pumpkin to let the air in to feed the fire, and that firelight illuminated Jack’s wandering journey. Perhaps Jack must take the lamp and wander the earth until the final judgment of mankind.

Where did Halloween come from?

Halloween has its roots in the Celts – a people who lived 2,000 years ago in the lands of what is now England, Ireland, and the north of France.

The Celts usually begin the new year on November 1st with a festival celebrated on the eve of the new year in honor of their late leader Samhain. This festival is intended to signal the beginning of the cold season and the dark days associated with the decay and death of mankind. The Celts believed that Samhain would allow the souls of the dead to return home on earth that night.

The Celts often celebrate the new year with the festival of Samhain, at this time the god of spring and summer no longer reigns, giving way to death. When the festival begins, the spirits of the dead will return to their loved ones’ homes to ask for food and water by finding another body, and to start a new life in the next year. However, people still alive did not want the souls of the dead to enter them, so on October 31, the villagers extinguished all the flames to make the houses cold and dull. Then, they will dress up in different forms like vampires and quietly go around the neighbor’s house with a menacing look to scare away the ghosts looking for the body.

Later, the Romans made these Celtic customs their own. However, in the first century BC, they abandoned the custom of donating living people and replaced them with effigies. Over time, people no longer believe in spirits, so the custom of dressing up as ghosts and witches is just a formality.

Later, Halloween was introduced to other countries and became an indispensable form every year. Some many organizations and communities have sponsored Halloween customs, so it has become a very welcome holiday. Popular activities during Halloween are usually when people dress up and knock on neighbors’ doors to ask for candy, light fires, carve pumpkins, watch movies and tell horror stories…

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Meaning of Halloween


Educational Meaning

We can see that Jack’s actions and life have become lessons for everyone to learn as a person.

In life, we ​​should not play with the devil. Demons here are understood figuratively as tricks, deceptions, threats, and fear of others. The mischievous deeds created by the imagination and intelligence of youth can harm everyone around in society. If people still play and associate with the devil, they may be tempted and go down the dark, sinful path.

However, in the story of the guy Jack on Halloween night above, he also recorded a very fair attitude, knowing how to keep the devil’s promise, which is grace and revenge, although this promise made Jack fall into a wandering state.

Human meaning

If you have a deeper understanding of the Halloween festival, perhaps readers have found a human meaning in the story. Have you ever tried to ask the question: “Why is it that in the light of science and technology, European and American countries always dedicate a festival day to the people of the Underworld”, “represented by Uncle Jack”?

Jack is just an imaginary character, however, he has embodied in life, the identity of lonely people. When he died, he became a ghost, without a place to stay because Heaven and Hell both refused.

Therefore, the European and American festival media gave Jack a day to return to the ocean realm. On this day, he can live happily and comfortably because the living has disguised themselves as devils so that Jack’s soul has a place to blend in to avoid loneliness. This is the human meaning of Halloween.

Therefore, with this humanistic meaning, Halloween and the full moon of the seventh lunar month of our country are considered as the day when the two realms of Yin and Yang meet in immense compassion.


Above is some information about what day Halloween is as well as its origin and meaning that we want to share with readers. Willtiptop hopes that you have understood this information and have a happy and warm Halloween season with your loved ones. Thank you for your interest in the article!


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