Join Willtiptop to “study” about the 3 most basic and most used tools in applying foundation.

And those 3 tools are: hands, sponge and foundation brush ^^

Using your hands, you can apply foundation extremely quickly on your face.

However, it seems that this is not a good method at all, especially for those with many blemishes. When applying by hand, the product can easily become thick and blemishes such as acne or blemishes will not be covered. The best way. For those with large pores, it will make them more visible.

Therefore, you should only use your hands to apply foundation when you are in a hurry. And also remember to wash your hands to avoid introducing bacteria that can cause acne. 😀

Pores are clearly visible when using foundation

The second way to apply foundation is to use a sponge. When you apply foundation with a sponge, you will see a very smooth and even foundation. In addition, for those with oily skin, a sponge is an ideal product to apply. cream because you can use the sponge to control excess oil on your face while applying makeup.

However, there is a “harsh” truth that when you use a sponge, it will be very expensive (it costs both the sponge and the product). Because the sponge will absorb a large amount of product into it, it will be more expensive than using a brush. Because you have to wash the sponge after 3-4 makeup applications to avoid getting acne, compared to brushes, sponges will be more easily damaged because they are not as durable as brushes.

For those of you who use a sponge but still want a healthy, shiny foundation, you can use mineral spray on the sponge to blend.

Mineral spray not only gives shiny skin but also helps provide the skin with a moderate amount of moisture to avoid mold.

The last and often considered most “professional” way is to use a brush when applying makeup.


Using a brush will help save a lot of foundation, and the foundation layer will also be thinner and smoother and more even. For imperfections, especially areas with pores, the foundation will be completely covered and avoid the cakey condition ( mold) on facial skin.

However, with foundation brushes, it is easy to create horizontal streaks. But we also have a way to solve it for you. When applying foundation, instead of swiping on the skin, go slowly and gently. You only need to take a small amount to brush the whole face and brush one more time if your skin has many blemishes

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