The Secret In Korean Glossy Foundation

How to get smooth, naturally beautiful, smooth and shiny makeup without being shiny and oily?

1. Use an oil-control primer

Oil-control primers will best help limit the amount of oil secreted and melt your foundation. Lightly apply a thin layer in areas that secrete the most oil (T-zone, cheeks, forehead and chin). So Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about getting oily!

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Covers pores

2. Moisten the makeup sponge

Rinse the water directly into the makeup sponge for a few seconds and gently squeeze to drain the water and use it to spread the foundation, you will have a moist enough foundation layer, naturally wet without being thick.

If you use a cushion sponge, spray mineral spray directly onto the sponge and use it to blend the foundation.

3.Create a very thin base layer

The secret of Korean girls is to use cushion – liquid foundation. With its thin and light characteristics, cushion fully meets the requirements of a natural foundation. The design of the sponge comes with a puff in the box. Powder helps you get just the right amount of powder, and creates “clarity” for the makeup layer.

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If you have many blemishes, just use a tube of concealer to cover the blemishes directly. Do not use foundation creams that make the makeup layer thick.

4. Apply cream blush

Cream blush helps the makeup layer to naturally color with a smooth, glossy effect on the cheekbones. This overall contributes to perfecting the “dewy” makeup layer in true Korean style!

5.Only apply powder to the necessary areas

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Applying powder all over the face will make the foundation matte, but if we don’t apply powder, we will have to face the “fat pan” situation on the face. The main secret is to use a brush with a cotton tip or a damp sponge and Lightly massage in oil-secreting areas.

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6.Use highlights

For those with oily skin, highlighting is the “secret” to creating a shiny foundation. After carefully applying oil-control primer, use a thin brush to lightly spread highlighter on light-concentrating areas on the face (the mounds). cheeks, bridge of the nose, philtrum) to create a smooth, plump effect on the skin.

7. Spray mineral water after applying makeup

Spraying mineral water after makeup creates an overall makeup layer that is even, thin, light, and naturally smooth. In addition, mineral spray also helps make make-up last longer and last longer, so after completing the makeup steps, use mineral spray to cover the skin to make it plump, shiny, and healthier!

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