1. PONY makeup (Hyemin Park)

PONY is one of the leading online makeup artists in Korea, currently with a beautiful appearance that is not inferior to any actress or singer, PONY is considered the idol of girls aged 18- 25.

Starting her vlogger career very early, PONY became the most popular character on the Youtube channel system called “insite TV” – an online TV channel that provides a variety of beauty clips. For clips with PONY appearing, the number of views always skyrockets.

PONY always uses affordable products and constantly updates the latest beauty trends that young people love. This creates a friendly effect and makes her videos more useful to viewers. If you want to watch PONY’s clips and learn her beautiful makeup secrets, don’t hesitate to search for the keyword “Beauty Diary Pony” on Youtube!

2. SoothingSista

SoothingSista is a “hot vlogger” with useful videos sharing opinions on fashion and beauty. Her real name is Stephanie – an overseas Korean currently living in San Francisco, USA. According to beauty and fashion experts, SoothingSita is like a breath of fresh air, an artist who works freely and is extremely creative and adventurous. Everything she shares is based on real experiences and comes from her passion for fashion and beauty.

It’s easy to see that in clips sharing Sita’s outfit and makeup styles, there will always be a harmonious blend of liberal European and American style and natural, radiant Korean beauty. That is the reason why Soothing Sita has become a Youtube channel loved and recognized by the world community.


3. Meejung (Jeniffer Kim)

One of the cutest “beauty gurus” (a word for beauty experts) who receives the most love from Korean netizens is Meejung, also known by another name – Jeniffer Kim.

Few people know that, in addition to owning a beauty tutorial channel on Youtube, Meejung is also a television reporter for Arirang station. This multi-talented girl is a typical beautiful woman of the land of ginseng. If you want to have flawless, shiny skin and lips that are as sweet and plump as ripe fruit, don’t miss Meejung’s attractive videos.

4. Jung Saem Mool

Although he does not possess a sparkling and eye-catching appearance like the beauties mentioned above, Jung Saem Mool is a powerful name in the Korean lipstick industry. She is not only a master makeup artist but also a creator of skin care and beauty trends. Top female artists and stars like Kim Tea Hee, beauty queen Kim Yuna… must also admit that, through Jung Saem Mool’s brushstrokes, they always feel more confident when appearing in public.

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