The Guide To Creating A UFO Chicken Coop That Will Blast Your Chickens Into Space

Creating a UFO-shaped chicken coop is a fun and unique project that can not only provide shelter for your feathered friends but also serve as a conversation starter in your backyard. Inspired by such a thing, the couple in the article, who possess artistic skills and a deep interest in UFOs, made the decision to build a coop that would truly be extraordinary – a UFO Chicken Spaceship Coop.

1. Brainstorm

When their kitchens expanded its population, the couple realized that it was time to create a new coop for them to accommodate and keep breeding. They desired an exceptional chicken coop that would not only ensure the safety and comfort of their chickens but also serve as a remarkable display of their imaginative spirit.

The first step is to brainstorm for the desirable coop. They soon discovered that it would be difficult to locate appropriate materials for a traditional UFO shape. But when they happened upon two 10-foot satellite dishes on their local Craigslist page, inspiration struck. These would be the perfect starting point for their UFO coop.

2. Build The Coop

The dish frames made of aluminum provide a flawless skeleton, with an insulation-friendly 1-inch recess. Waterproofing, windows, ventilation, flooring, cleaning, and egg access are other parts taken into consideration. They purchased 6-inch acrylic video camera covers on eBay, made holes in them, and mounted them to create windows. These covers gave the coop a futuristic look in addition to letting light in. The pair also chose to install countertop laminate that is simple to maintain and drop the floor to an 8-foot circular form.

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To keep the satellite dishes warm throughout the winter, 1 inch of Styrofoam insulation was placed around each panel. The next crucial stage is coop weatherproof. To cover the craft, they decided to use roofing felt, which is comparable to tar paper and was cut into pie-shaped pieces.

The entire coop was painted with aluminum paint to give it a characteristic UFO hue and offer waterproofing. Seams were repaired with sturdy roofing tape. This particular paint kept the coop cool inside during the summer by reflecting light and shielding it from the outdoors.

Once they had allowed the coop to air out and eliminate any lingering fumes, the couple proceeded to assemble it using an 8-foot trampoline base they had purchased from a local manufacturer. Elevating the coop would serve as an effective measure to safeguard the chickens from potential predators.

3. Adding Finish Touches

Now that the framework was built, the final details could be added. In addition to lights, they installed hen boxes, a rear hatch for convenient access, handles for cleaning on the upper section, and perches for the chickens to rest on. The coop looked like a real spaceship because the lights were powered by an Arduino mega and encased in clear tubing.

In winter, the couple took proactive measures to ensure the utmost comfort for their chickens. They installed two 250-watt ceramic heat emitters, which were controlled by a Raspberry Pi running the PrivateEyePi project. This innovative setup enabled them to remotely monitor and regulate the temperature within the coop, providing optimal conditions for their feathered friends.

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Building a UFO-shaped chicken coop is a quirky and enjoyable project that will not only provide a safe and cozy home for chickens but also add a touch of whimsy to the backyard. Get inspired by this couple, you can craft your own chicken coop. Then, your feathered friends will be the talk of the neighborhood, and you’ll have a coop that’s truly out of this world!

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