The Fine Art of Asking Questions for Children While In Online Classes

Online Classes

Let us look at some of the reasons why you must encourage children to ask questions:

1. Breaking monotony:

It is wise to ask questions in between classes to know that children have understood a topic. Asking questions is a good way to know whether the lesson taught has penetrated the kid’s mind. It is very difficult to find out if a concept is clear without asking any questions regarding it. So, parents must encourage their kids to ask questions and also answer when the teacher asks something. Yellow Class believes in a two-way interaction between the teacher and student. You can find out some of the best fun activities online in Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids | Yellow Class.

2. Questions lead to more questions

One question always opens doors to other questions, no matter who is asking it. These questions can bring up a new topic of discussion and lead the conversation to something interesting. Both students and teachers can benefit and learn something new because of the questions asked. Questioning can help in clearing doubts and encourage research work too. Teachers can also stop the interactive session if the questions tend to deviate from the topic at hand. These questions can be discussed later after the class ends. Online kids classes should always ask questions whenever they have difficulty understanding a topic.

3. Encourages children to think-

Teachers ask questions to understand if students have understood the lesson and not just end the class with a nod. Posing a question and giving them a few minutes to think and answer can force kids to think. Asking a question in general to the whole class makes all of them think hard for a possible answer. This way you make them use their brains and put some effort into finding an answer.

Online Classes
The Fine Art of Asking Questions for Children While In Online Classes

4. Children learn

Having questions is a part of learning. Students attending hobby classes online should never shy away from asking questions related to their class. There are several free online hobby classes that kids can take up from Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids | Yellow Class. Asking questions also shows that the student is interested in the subject. It shows that they want to learn and know more about the subject. Questioning in a class helps in developing the complex thinking, logical thinking, and decision-making abilities of a child. 

5. Student engagement

When a student is interested in learning the subject, they ask questions and listen passively. Student engagement is very important when learning any topic online. Student participation shows that kids are not just listening but also interacting with the teachers to learn more. 

6. Sign of interest

Expressing yourself and clearing your queries reflects your interest in the subject being taught. Asking questions becomes all the more important to show teachers your interest and presence in the class. Curiosity is a sign of interest. 

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