The easiest way to inhale a pull-up bar for beginners

Surely many of you are quite admiring when you see someone do pull-ups professionally, and wonder if you can do a few pull-ups. And of course you can if you read this article on how to do pull-ups for beginners

Instructions for doing pull-ups for beginners
Instructions for doing pull-ups for beginners

If you don’t know how to do a pull-up and can’t do a few pull-ups, don’t worry, read carefully this guide to pull-ups for beginners and you will become a master of pull-ups!

First we need to look at a few conceptual words

  • Pull-up: Pull up with your palms facing forward.
  • Chin-up: Pull up with your arms facing your body.
  • Lower people:
  1. Place a high chair next to the pull-up bar, so that the highest bar is right above your head.
  2. Grab the bar in a Chin-up position.
  3. Brace your whole body and get out of the chair.
  4. Lower yourself slowly, the slower the better
  5. Repeat from step 2.
YouTube videosYouTube videos

Video tutorial on pull-ups for beginners

We will practice through 5 stages from not knowing which inhale to being able to inhale more than 8 at a time.

State 1: You do the Lowering movement 5 times, 8 times each time and rest about 1 minute each time, practice like that once every other day. Practice until you don’t need to rest anymore and that’s OK. At this stage, you can use the Power Band to partially support you when pulling up.

Phase 2: Do phase 1 for 5 times and use Pull-up position to perform, do the same as phase 1.

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Stage 3:Do 5 pull-ups with chin-ups as much as possible in the first 2 sets. When finished, do 6 Lowers, still practicing every other day. You will continue until you can Chin-up twice without your body swaying and your arms are straight.

Stage 4:We will do this phase 2 days per week.

  • Second: You do chin-ups 5 times, each time trying to do as many pull-ups as possible, then practice Lowering 8 times.
  • Thursday: Also whip 5 times like Monday, but each time we inhale, we will pull up as high as possible and hold that position as long as possible, and then lower the body 8 times.

We will practice until you can Chin-up 8 nice times (no shaking, straight arms).

Stage 5: We also do the same as in phase 4, which is to practice 2 days per week.

  • Second: You do 5 times and rest 1 minute each time. Try to Pull-up as much as possible and continue to practice Lowering the body 8 times.
  • Thursday: Also do 5 times and rest 2 minutes each time and also Pull-up as much as possible, pull up as high as possible and also hold the position as long as possible when reaching the highest level

Just like that Instructions for doing pull-ups for beginners but Fitness Channel presented, you just need to persevere in practicing, you will be able to pull up easily.

Even women can breathe, so there's no reason why guys can'tEven women can breathe, so there's no reason why guys can't
Even women can breathe, so there’s no reason why guys can’t

A few other pull-up instructions for your reference before practicing

Rules for doing pull-ups properly.

  • When you first start practicing, Chin-up will be more suitable for you, because it is quite easy to do. – When first practicing, try to keep your body straight (especially the spine), slightly sticking out your chest. When you keep your back straight, the exercise will stimulate your biceps and reduce damage to your back.
  • Next, use force from your arms and shoulders to pull your body up until your head is level with the bar. Perform movements that focus on the biceps to be more effective. Keep your elbows close to your body. Attention: When climbing the bar, exhale slowly, the upper body should not move while performing the movement and only the arms should contract. The forearms only work to hold the bar.
  • When you are in the top contracted position, you should brace your biceps for a few seconds, then slowly lower your body to the starting position until your arms are fully extended. Pay attention to inhaling slowly during this movement.
  • Repeat the above movements until the end of the exercise.
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Benefits of doing pull-ups properly

  • Practicing pull-up bars is one of the most effective and effective methods to help practitioners increase height.
  • Pull-up bars are suitable for people with spinal diseases and herniated discs.
  • In addition, practicing pull-up bars regularly will help you lose belly fat extremely effectively, maintain health, and minimize the risk of diseases caused by inactivity such as high cholesterol, blood fat, diabetes, gout, and spinal degeneration. …

Some notes when practicing pull-ups

  • You should warm up your body thoroughly before doing pull-ups.
  • Always keep your body straight. When dropping down, keep your arms as straight as possible.
  • Breathing when exercising: Exhale when pulling yourself up to the bar, inhale when lowering. Regular breathing will help you exercise more persistently.

Hope you know how Fitness for shoulders with pull-up bar properly and most effectively. Hope you do a lot of pull-ups.

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