The Benefits Of A Menstrual Underwear


There are several kinds of menstrual products available in the market. Finding menstrual underwear is an important part of your search, and this type of undergarment is suitable for women to ensure they are comfortable during their period.

There are multiple layers of microfibre polyester in this absorbent underwear. As they soak up menstrual blood, they look like regular underwear, but they’re designed to keep moisture off of your skin. There are thousands of small filaments in the fabric of period underwear, making it moisture-wicking. As a result, liquids are trapped and do not leak onto your clothes. An outer layer usually consists of nylon and Lycra and is then finished with a liquid-resistant film to protect you. There are several reasons for having these underwears, like:

  • Environmentally Friendly

One woman uses between five and fifteen thousand pads and tampons throughout her lifetime (and all the packaging they come in). Furthermore, because many of these products contain plastic, or the packaging does, their environmental impact lasts long.

  • Easy to Use

You should put them in a way you will put on a pair of knickers and go about your daily activities. Some people find that using period underwear rather than tampons works better than bleeding directly into their underwear.

  • Reusable

You can use menstrual underwear instead of traditional menstrual wears that you must dispose of in the toilet or trash. Give them a thorough wash in the washing machine after rinsing them under the cold tap. Leaving blood behind can lead to the growth of bacteria, so always make sure you clean them thoroughly. You can expect period underwear to last between 2 and 5 years if you maintain them.

  • They’re Less Expensive.

Unlike traditional menstrual products, which have a lifetime cost of over £12,000, you do not have to throw them away after use. Hence, less waste and less money will be spent on these products.

  • Their Natural Feel Makes Them More Appealing.

As long as they cover an extra layer of fabric that protects against leakages and acts as a pad or tampon, they are just like wearing a pair of pants.

  • Various Styles Are Available.

Period underwear may seem like it looks quite shabby, but this could not be farther from the truth. Various designs are available – thong-style, bikini-style, lacey, full – which make them look and feel more like ‘normal’ knickers.

  • People Will Not Catch You Off Guard.

How often have you experienced it when you are out and get your period but not having any sanitary products? Your bag is empty, or you reached into it and realised you weren’t carrying any? Putting on period pants prevents you from experiencing that problem.

  • Comfortable. 

For some women, pads or tampons may be a bit bulky or fiddly to wear, while tampons may not be as comfortable to wear when inserted. Underwear that is made specifically to deal with periods overcomes all of these issues.

  • Swimming Is Possible With Them.

It shouldn’t matter how heavy your period is, or what the water level is, you can wear this underwear even at the time of swimming, as they are entirely period-friendly and give you a perfect swimming experience.


Menstrual underwear is designed for comfortable wear as the fabric absorbs your menstrual blood and keeps it from leaking onto your skin and clothing. It is environmentally friendly, an alternative to traditional single-use products such as pads and tampons, making them a safe option for women!

Author Name:Alison Lurie

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