The beauty in bikini fishing every guy want to “bite the fish”

Looking at the photo of the blonde beauty in a fiery bikini above, you would think that she is a model and is posing for some fashion concept, the concept with fish and the sea for example! But no, she’s just a professional angler, with a strange hobby: fishing in bikinis!

The above beauty is named Emily Riemer, 23 years old this year. Lucky to have a hot body that is not inferior to swimsuit supermodels with a pretty face like a Barbie doll, but Emily and her boyfriend Jack Vasilaros, 28 years old, only have a passion for fishing.

Both are members of the professional fishing team Kingsman, having fought in many international tournaments from Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Colombia to England, Mexico, Trinidad…

Barbie in bikini

“ This is not a game, this is my life and passion, this is my career. I look small, but I am ready to do the heaviest jobs on the train, ” shared the blonde beauty.

Many people are also skeptical about the authenticity of the photos with fish even heavier than Emily Riemer’s 47kg body, but she insists that they are all 100% real photos, the fish she caught. rather than borrowing to “pose” virtual live images!

Fishing girl in bikini 2

Even in many photos, Emily Riemer didn’t even bother to clean the bloodstains on the fishes when she caught them but kept taking pictures to ensure authenticity.

Emily Riemer bikini fishing girl - Willtiptop

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beautiful Bikini girl fishing

She also confessed to wearing a bikini when “working”. Wearing a two-piece swimsuit for the 23-year-old beauty is not at all to attract attention or make herself more attractive as many people think, she wears it simply because it’s hot!

Emily fishing girl bikini - Willtiptop

It’s a pity that Emily Riemer doesn’t have any plans for a modeling career. Song hopes that she will keep the habit of wearing bikinis when fishing so that her fans can enjoy watching their idols.

Emily Riemer with fishing bikini girl - Willtiptop

“Nothing excites me more than fighting a large fish and successfully knocking it down. Just talking about fishing, I feel elated. The fact that I go fishing in bikinis is not to look cute. Florida and the waters where I go fishing are all too hot. And I just posed naturally, “said Emily.

bikini fishing girl Emily Riemer - Willtiptop

She said that she never prepares properly when taking pictures. Emily often poses in a dirty body condition, but that is what creates attraction and realism for the photos.

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The young girl’s whole family is a fisherman. From a very young age, Emily was taught by her grandfather to fish in the sea and she considers this her life, her passion.

“I have caught a lot of fish since I was a child. Grandpa taught me to fish in Georgia and I started sport fishing seriously in high school. My whole family is fishing so I don’t play with this job. I am a professional, this is my life and passion, fishing is a full time job.

I may look petite and weak, but I’m pretty good at what I do and see myself doing it. I am ready to do anything on the boat, no matter how messy or difficult it may be. Photography is only done once it is successful after days of fighting hard,” Emily confided.

Along with the fishing team, Emily once collected bonuses of up to £ 22,000

Girl in bikini fishing

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