The 8 Most Helpful Apps for Mac Users

Mac computers are top-quality devices with remarkable features, exceptional desktop programs, and terrific applications that Apple provides.

While the computer comes with an assortment of built-in applications, there are many other additional and valuable apps for Mac that you can install to help you perform specific tasks with ease.

Most Mac applications will help you with functions such as listening to your favorite music, clearing computer viruses and malware, managing your passwords, watching movies, drawing or drafting and eliminating unwanted apps.

Below is a list of eight most helpful apps for Mac you should consider installing on your computer:

1. Zoom App for Mac

The Zoom app is available for download on your Mac computer. However, you can only download it manually from their official website. The Zoom app for Mac has more features and additional detail than its web and mobile versions. You will also have more screen space to view all the participants on the call.

To manually download the application on your Mac, follow the below steps:

  • Launch an internet browser on your computer and search for Zoom Download Center
  • Check for a blue button labeled as “Download” that’s directly below the “Zoom Client for Meetings” button
  • After clicking on the download button, the browser will prompt you to confirm the download
  • Click the “Allow” button when the prompt pops-up
  • The application will start downloading immediately, and you can check on the progress at the download spot
  • After the download is complete, click on the application to install it into your Mac

After downloading the Zoom application on your Mac computer, you can follow the sign-in instructions to log into your account. This allows you to participate in calls and schedule future meetings with ease.

2. Kindle App for Mac

Thanks to the development of the Kindle app for Mac and other devices, you no longer need to purchase a physical Kindle gadget to get access to Amazon’s digital books. All you need to do is download the Kindle application on your Mac and set it up, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware.

Today, you can download the kindle app for free on your Mac App Store. You can also read the kindle books online without the need for an application, thanks to cloud storage.

3. Pocket App

Pocket is an application on Mac that allows you to save and keep videos, website pages, and articles for later. You can watch the videos or read the articles at your own convenient time.

The primary purpose of the Pocket app is to consolidate any essential content for later viewing in an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. The pocketed content is also available offline. Additionally, you can also use the application to share the content with your friends and loved ones.

Pocket is also a free-to-use application. However, if you want to eliminate the Ads on the app and get enhanced search aptitudes, you may be required to pay a premium subscription fee of $5 monthly or $45 annually.

4. Spotify

Are you tired of using the Apple Music application? Then Spotify is a seamless alternative for individuals who are looking for an experience beyond what Apple offers. Spotify application is available on mac and gives you access to a catalog of music for free.

The Spotify Mac app is just like the mobile application, and it allows you to search for any music track and listen to your favorite artists. The app also allows you to create a custom playlist based on your favorite music genres or artists.

5. 1Password

Do you remember all the passwords you have created for all your accounts online? Or do you simply use one password for all your accounts? Creating strong passwords for your online accounts is an essential aspect of ensuring your security when surfing the internet.

Using the 1Password Mac application will help you better manage your passwords by securing them in an encrypted storage vault. You can only access the vault with one master password that you create.

However, 1Password is not a free application. You will be required to pay a monthly fee of $3 for an individual plan, while the family plan is $5 monthly and can cover up to five family members. You can also get a team plan subscription at $4 every month for each user.

6. Hazel

This is one of the most useful Mac applications that help you organize your files based on your preferences. The application automatically moves and arranges your directories systematically according to the types, names, and dates.  

Hazel is one of the best mac apps as it allows you to synchronize your data to iCloud Drive, network share, or Dropbox. It also supports image importing and iTunes and can also help you manage the deleted files in your trash.

7. Gmail

Most people don’t know how to get the Gmail app for mac. However, the easiest way to do this is by downloading the Shift application to help you use desktop email to get the Gmail app on your Mac PC. This is the best option for individuals who do not want to open their Gmail accounts in their browsers.

8. Microsoft Word for Mac

Microsoft Word has dominated almost all writing software tools in the world since the early 1980s. It allows users to create and edit both simple and complex documents. You can also utilize the application both online and offline.

Unfortunately, it’s advisable to use the online version of Microsoft Word on your Mac if you want the free version. Downloading the application on your Mac is not free, and you will be charged a monthly subscription fee depending on the features you prefer.

For more information on how to get Microsoft Word for free on your Mac, check out the website.

Now You Know the Most Useful Apps for Mac

Most people who own Mac computers often don’t know the number of applications available and how to maximize them. In addition to the in-built apps that come with your Mac, you can also install the above eight valuable apps for mac to help you perform different tasks on your computer with ease.

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