The 3 Best Travel Blog Tips

When we hear the words “career” and “travel”, we used to think we had to pick just one. It’s almost as if they didn’t belong in the same sentence.

Recently, however, more and more people are trying to build careers out of traveling and taking their work on the road.

Travel blogging seems to be the dream gig for any digital nomad, but how do you make the best travel blog?

Let’s look at the 3 best travel blog tips to get you writing and back “on the road again”.

1. Find a Niche

This can be tricky sometimes as your topic can be so niche that there just aren’t enough readers to give you the traction that you want.

However, some of the best travel blog ideas are narrow and specific. Your blog can still have a far-reaching audience if there are people interested in the topic but not enough information about it.

Going niche gives you more focus and more expertise. You then become the go-to blogger for readers needing advice and information on a specific topic. It also gives you a leg up over the blogs that are oversaturated with general information.

2. Create Lists

If you’re wondering how to make a travel blog, remember that people love reading lists. They are quick, easy, and fun to read. Some of the best travel blogs include lists.

All of the information your reader needs is presented in a perfectly wrapped package when you write an awesome travel list.

You want to make your lists practical, personal, and unique. A catchy title is likely to draw in more viewers and the more well-researched, the better.

You can make lists of the top things to do in a certain place or even things to avoid. You can get personal and talk about your own travel must-haves, or the top strangest things that you’ve experienced while traveling.

Originality is important, but your list should also be useful to the reader.

3. Get Personal

If people are going to take your advice on where and how to travel, they have to feel like they know you. So, you’re going to have to get personal.

Anyone can find information on a popular destination, but these usually just state the facts. You can even find plenty of information on obscure destinations, but a travel blog gives the information a personal touch.

You can talk about how you felt in a certain city, the people you met, your profound relationships, the mistakes you made, and the sticky situations you were in. These experiences highlight the reality of travel.

As a travel blogger, it is your opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of what it’s like to really travel. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Incorporating photos of the experiences you write about will also personalize your travel blog. If you want to maximize your photo quality, you can convert jpg to png with adobe spark.

Start Now to Create the Best Travel Blog

Getting traffic and traction for your travel blog can be difficult when you are just starting. Like many other industries, its market is competitive, but it can be very rewarding. Make sure you use these tips if you want to write the best travel blog.

For more information on travel and writing, keep coming back to our awesome blog. Happy writing!

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